Menstrual Cups



Country of origin: Unknown
Composition: Medical grade silicone
Sizes: A (small) , B (large)
Dimensions: A= 40m diameter,  70mm length including stem, 25mm stem length.  B= 45mm diameter, 70mm including stem, 20mm stem length.
Capacity:  A= 20mls  B= 25mls
Stem: Wide flat tab
Measuring Lines: Yes
Cost (RRP): 40.00€ [Currency Converter]
Been around since: 2012 (Fb page started 2013)
Unique Design?: No (There are other cups with similar designs available)
Other Details: Uses similar pouch to the rebranded/similar cups, so may be a rebranding.  A listing for Female Cups has been spotted, where the image they show is of the Dutchess/Blossom/Charlene etc. style of cup (which may further indicate this cup brand is a rebranding rather than the cups being manufactured by Female Cup)

femalecup2  female-zensite

Update – The website now shows a new design cup, which looks very similar in design to the Lena.   It also (incorrectly) says the cup is FDA approved – note no cups are FDA approved)


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  1. Is it just me or is this cup identical to the Chinese Lunette-with-Naturalmamma-stem knockoffs, right down to the black-lined pink satiny bag?! If so, they are making one heck of a profit off them…

    Comment by MC community member | January 22, 2015

  2. I don’t know the situation with this particular cup…. but there do appear to be several businesses who are selling cups that are very similar (if not exactly the same).

    Comment by obsidian | January 25, 2015

  3. This looks very much like the “Comfy Cup” China Cheapie
    Too much to be a coincidence IMHO.

    Comment by Monika | November 6, 2015

  4. There are several brands of cup that have the same wider flat tab stem and the same type of pouch

    Comment by obsidian | November 6, 2015

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