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Luna Cup Review

I got this cup a few months ago, and I’ve been meaning to write up the review!


I got given 2 sizes, the “M” and the “G”, with an instruction pamphlet (not in English), and packaged in a tin.


Not sure if the have English instructions available :/


Large and Small cup size difference


Large Lunette, Large Lunacup, Small Lunacup, Small Diva

This cup felt quite long.  Even though overall it is actually shorter than the Lunette I normally use, the ball of the stem was poking out of my vagina, which was a bit annoying because I could feel the ball stem when I wiped after going to the toilet, and I could feel it inside me. It didn’t feel like it was poking me though, just that I could feel it was there.  So I found it more comfortable than a tube stem, which I find poke me.  But less comfortable than a shorter bodied cup.

It is about as squishy as a Diva cup or Fleurcup – so softer than Ladycup, but not quite as soft as Skoon – so I’ve given it a squishyness rating of 3/10.  I found it folded nice and easily, I had no trouble getting it to open up.  Removal was easy, although I had to hold the ball of the stem from side-on instead of up&down if that makes sense, as my fingers slipped off otherwise.    But for ease of removal, this stem is definitely preferable to the thin stick stems like Juju has.

The top of the cup has a very slight “ridge” with a larger rounded rim, I find this sort of smoother shape for the rim of the cup to be more comfortable for insertion and removal than the cups that have a very pronounced ridge (eg Mooncup UK style)

The cups are a frosted whiteish silicone, with a pretty leaf design on 2 sides of the base of the cup as the grip lines..  The ball stem has little lines on it to help with grip.  There are 2 lines on the outside, presumably for measuring, but there is no indication of what those lines are.

The outside of the cup, near the rim, has a “G” or an “M” on them to signify the sizing – “M” being the small and “G” being the large.  There is no company name or branding on the cup.  Completely smooth on the inside, the inside of the cup at the base comes down to a point (is not flat inside like Mooncup (UK)), which helps you to be able to squish the base of the cup (though can mean it needs a slight more rinsing to get blood from inside that area.

The airholes are big enough that they didn’t trap any blood inside, so that was good – overall the cup only needed a rinse to be clean.

I personally found the longer shape to be slightly more uncomfortable than other shorter cups, but for those who prefer the longer cups, I think this one could be a good choice.

See my detailed review & comparisons with other cups here.

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  1. Hi 🙂 Is the large cup a bit more opaque in ‘colour’ than the small one ?^ Hm probably not..

    Comment by Quitterie | August 28, 2013

  2. Yes, I think it is…. only very slightly though.

    Comment by obsidian | August 29, 2013

  3. Is the bottom ribbed (like Lunette) or is the whole cup smooth which would make it slippery during take out?

    Comment by Ana Cosic | August 29, 2013

  4. I’ve updated the post to give more information about the cup – the bottom has 2 leaf designs that form the grip – so it is only on opposite sides (not that a cylindrical object has “sides” but you know what I mean :D), and ideally I’d think that design should be on all sides so that it doesn’t matter where you grasp it, your fingers would always be on the grippy part, but those leaves are reasonably well raised that they should have good enough grip – I’ve actually never found the grip on the base of a cup to be an issue, but I do have issues with cups that don’t have enough grip on the stem.

    Comment by obsidian | August 29, 2013

  5. Okay– I have read through your ENTIRE site. I’m 27, no kids, married, with what my gyno called “an extremely low cervix”–I can reach it with my rather short fingers. I have trouble using tampons, probably because of said low cervix, and a fairly heavy flow. I’d really like to invest in a cup, and after perusing your site, I think I’m leaning toward the Fleurcup? What suggestions might you have?
    Also, THANK YOU for an absolutely wonderful site.

    Comment by Melissa Carden | February 1, 2014

  6. how long actually is the small (M) lunacup? Cause on their homepage they say that it is 55mm long…but since naturcup’s smallest size is that long, and in pictures…lunacup looks bigger, I actually wanted to know how long it is then. Trying to deside between these two.

    Comment by Patrīcija | March 7, 2014

  7. How do u get this cup I feel I need it I have a high cervix and think it might be my goldilocks cup I’m wondering how everyone got this cup. Help please.

    Comment by Chelsie kicklighter | May 29, 2015

  8. Click on the name “Luna Cup” on the site menu to find information on this cup, including the Luna Cup website where you can buy it.

    Comment by obsidian | May 29, 2015

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