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Review – Sckoon Cup

A long awaited review 🙂

Way back near the end of 2011, I was sent an e-mail, asking if I would be willing to try their prototype cup to give them my thoughts – but I was sworn to secrecy, so wasn’t allowed to give out any of the details of the cup or the company making it.  It turned out to be Sckoon who were making it.  A company I’d known for a while, because they make organic cotton pads. Over the next year and a bit, I had a few discussions with them over the design and colours, as they were very keen to try and make the best cup possible.  I think it is really great that they took so much time and effort to speak with cup users like myself (other cup reviewers I know also got the prototypes to sample).

Starting out I love the shape!  Slightly different to the other cups on the market, and I think it is a lovely shape.  I found the stem design originally was a bit too slippery, with the bumps not really adding enough grip.  So we discussed that issue and they ended up changing the stem to the smaller one with raised grip lines, and they increased the grip on the base of the cup by raising and thickening the lines and adding an additional line in.  You can see the changes in the pic below.

Here’s a photo of the 4 samples I have from them, where you can see the changes made from the first prototype:


  • The first (left) shows the first prototype they sent me – a small cup, in a sample (opaque) silicone.   The stem on that had small bumps in it.
  • The clear one is the second prototype, in a large size.  The stem design is slightly different to the original prototype and the pattern on the base is raised and has the brand name in it.
  • The Orange one, I can’t remember now if it was another prototype or if it was a finished design (I can’t remember if I got it before or after the clear one – probably before?).  The silicone on that one is semi-translucent.  Not as transparent as the finished product turquoise one, but not completely opaque like the first green one.  It is slightly smaller than the prototype one.  You can see that the grip lines on the base of the cup have a slightly whiteish look – it seems like the silicone there is slightly bubbled or something, which it isn’t on the final design large cup.  The lines might be a fraction thinner too.
  • The last one (right) is the final design in large.  The only difference I can see with the final design (coloured) cups and the clear prototype is that the tip of the stem of the prototype is flat, whereas the tip of the final version stem is rounded (also the silicone may be slightly softer in the large final version than it is in the clear).

So, my thoughts.

I found the small size fit well, I had no leaks, it was easy to insert and remove.  The large size I found also very comfortable to insert and remove (the lack of the protruding ridge a lot of the cups have, means it feels more comfortable [to me] to insert and remove the cups).  I did however have the slight issue that I have had with the other soft large cups – in that they don’t fully open on their own, and I need to press my finger against the vaginal wall to push it out a little, to give the cup room to open out.  I put this down the the fact that while I am 35, I had a caesarian delivery, so perhaps my muscle tone is good?  🙂  as it only ever happens with the large cups.  I don’t consider it a big problem though, I’d prefer that to a cup that is harder silicone.

I tried both the small and large sizes with my period and I didn’t have any leaking with either of them, even wearing them all day.  Though I don’t know how much of a measure that is, as I’ve never had leaking with a cup except when I’ve let a cup overfill on really heavy flow days (where it’s filled above the rim), and when I tried the Diva cup sample – but that had a hole punched in it, presumably affecting the seal.

I find the stem to be very comfortable – I can’t feel it at all.  So it’s better feeling than a tube stem (other than the Ladycup stem, all the other tube stems I can feel poking into me), and slightly more comfortable than a tab stem (I can feel the tab stems slightly, but I don’t find them uncomfortable).  However I find that it stretches when you pull on it, so its effectiveness is less than a tube or tab stem in that regard as those have enough rigidity to be able to pull the cup down with the stem, whereas these stems stretch rather than allowing the cup to be pulled down – I found this more pronounced in the large cup size than the small (because as I said, the large one seems to fit more snugly than the small).

This is a similar problem to the JuJu which has a similar thin solid stem.  The JuJu stem likewise I find stretches and is slippery making it very difficult to use the stem to pull the cup down, so the Sckoon cup has a lot more grip on the stem, but it is still stretchy.  However, the Femmecup also has a thin stem a bit like these cups, but theirs is about half the length and more rigid so it doesn’t stretch and can easily pull the cup down.

However, where this cup differs from the Femmecup and JuJu is the base of this cup, which has a good amount of grip.  So while I may not be able to use the stem to pull the cup down, I’ve found that I can grip the bottom of the cup and pull it down easily that way.  Femmecup has some grip on the base of the cup but not as much as Sckoon.  JuJu has a butterfly design on the base of their cup, but it’s barely raised at all so I don’t really consider it adds any grip at all

— Now I know that some cup manufacturers usually say that the stem is not for pulling the cup out with (though realistically, that’s what you do, and they know that – otherwise there wouldn’t be a need for a stem ;)) – but I find because my fingers are short, it’s easier for me if I pull the cup down a bit lower, where I can more easily reach up to break the seal, and I do tend to pull the cups out by the stems.  Where cups have a stretchy stem like this, or no stem, I find it slightly more difficult to use because I can’t pull the cup down as easily as I can with a tab or tube stem.  But I find most of the tube stems really uncomfortable, so that is why I prefer the tab stems.

The airholes are nice and large, so cleaning I have found is easy.  Likewise with no lettering or markings on the inside out outside rim, means it’s very easy to clean this cup.

I love that they have brought them out in colours – A lot of cup companies are doing coloured cups now which is great – cups don’t have to then be a medicinal thing and can have a sense of individuality and style 🙂  It’s a shame they didn’t bring out purple *cry*, especially since my poll results that I did for them showed that as being the most popular colour….  but the colours they have brought out are very nice and bright, and appear to have a good level of colour (not too pale).

The silicone feels less soft in the small size than the large (as is usually the case).  The small one feels about as squishy as a large Lunette.  The large slightly softer.  Softer than a Mooncup UK, but not as soft as a Fleurcup.  I think it is a good level of softness…  You don’t want them too soft or they can have trouble opening, and too hard can be hard to keep folded.

There are some small marks in the silicone of the last 3 samples I received.  Which don’t show in the photographs, and are obviously just cosmetic blemishes in the finish of the silicone.  The silicone still feels smooth, so it seems to be in the silicone.  Almost like flat (non-raised) waterdrops.  It’s hard to describe what they look like….. but interestingly the cups have a line near the base where the silicone changes from a sort of frosted look to a slightly shinier (but still frosted) look, and it is in that shinier section where the blemishes are.  The inside of the cups are not frosted at all, and are not marked with these blemishes.  So I assume it is part of the frosting process causing the blemishes.  I have had blemishes in MeLuna cups as well – neither of which are bad as having specks of dirt or something in the MPower cup I got :/

All in all – I’m impressed.  I’m impressed with the effort the company went to while designing it, and I love that they took some of my suggestions on board.  I love the fact Sckoon is already a company interested in sustainability and has added this product onto their already successful line of cloth pads (and baby products) – I also discovered recently they do padded underwear, so you can buy undies with a built in pad with leak resistant layer for cup backup, which is a great idea.

So the only negatives I can see are the stems (which I am picky about, moreso than other cup users, as I do like my cups to have tab stems), and the slight blemishes in the silicone – which don’t bother me personally.  So if you don’t think the stem issue would be a problem (if you like to cut stems off for example), then I would definitely recommend this cup.

See my detailed review & comparisons with other cups here.

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  1. Love the colours and the flower shape! Do you think a 24 year old who has used a large classic meluna which is 44mm wide with no trouble (apart from the pushing it to give it space to open thing) would be able to use the large size sckoon? I tried the large lunette (46mm wide) but it gave me aches all over, that could be from it being quite stiff tho … These cups look great and the capacity would be amazing!!!

    Comment by ecoladyuk | April 3, 2013

  2. Love how they look! Do you know the capacity? Thanks 😀

    Comment by Lara | April 5, 2013

  3. Oh! I found it.

    (inches) Size 1 Size 2 (mm) Size 1 Size 2
    Diameter 1.60 1.80 Diameter 40 45
    Cup Length 1.60 2.00 Cup Length 40 50
    Stem Length 1.20 0.80 Stem Length 30 20
    Total Length 2.80 2.80 Total Length 70 70
    Capacity 23ml 30ml Capacity 23ml 30ml

    Size 1 — Small, for women who haven’t previously given birth vaginally.

    Size 2: Large, for women who have given birth vaginally.

    Too bad it`s too small for me 😦 They`re lovely!

    Comment by Lara | April 5, 2013

  4. I’ve found if I let the cups pop open quickly (as happens with Lunette if you’re not careful), they give me cramps – I either have to wait about half an hour for the cramps to stop on their own, or if I take the cup out and put it back in, that usually stops it.

    I’ve only tried the large new (soft) MeLuna, so I can’t comment on whether you’d be ok with this cup or not, sorry 😦

    I listed the dimensions, capacity and all that relevant info on the Skoon Cup post (below this post in the blog) – I always break them into 2 separate posts. One completely unbiased one for the important information and link to the brand… and ones like this one, for my personal thoughts on that cup.

    Comment by obsidian | April 8, 2013

  5. Just wanted to say thanks so much for all your in-depth reviews ! I just recently made the switch to washable panty liners and am going to buy my first cup when I visit my family in Canada this Fall ( Menstrual Cups are unheard of the the country in Asia where I’m primarily based . )

    Comment by la pinay | April 16, 2013

  6. I’m afraid I can’t make recommendations like that…

    Comment by obsidian | April 18, 2013

  7. I bought one cup to test and I do like it, however have a couple of issues….it said that the stem would hang down and could need cutting, I had the opposite problem it went inside and I found it very difficult to get hold of, very panickky the first time when I couldnt reach it inside, and when I could it just stretched and I couldnt get grip. I have had to resolve this tying a short piece of thread to the stem to be able to pull it out with, like a tampon. The other problem I have is, it is great for at home. However, in a public toilet (usually the sinks are separate) so you have to take one out, then either just clean with toilet paper or somehow logisticly come out of the cubicle to wash at a sink (carring a bloody lump of rubber isnt attractive and id say unhygenic) to clean it (with nothing inside of me at this point) to then have to go back into a cubicle sometimes queueing again, to replace it. To use in public loos you would need two, then the soiled one could be put in a bag for cleaning at a more appropriate time.

    Comment by Mary | April 24, 2013

  8. The public toilet issue is the same with any cup – another option is to carry a bottle of water with you to rinse the cup out in the toilet stall…. Or if you can find a toilet block that has a wheelchair or other such separate toilet – as those often have a sink in them.

    Comment by obsidian | April 26, 2013

  9. I am just starting my cycles again after having my first baby. I am eager to try menstrual cups again (after a failed attempt many years ago with the keeper – way to firm and hard to insert/get out, traumatic!). I have read through your site and I am still unsure which direction to go. I am looking for your recommendations – your “go to” cup(s). I know you wrote a post about this awhile ago, and you have since reviewed newer cups so I am wondering if your favorites have changed. I guess I am looking for something that is squishy but also opens easily, and has a comfortable stem (probably universal desires as far as cups go, right?). I am not sure if this is the right place for my question, but I couldn’t find a contact me area. Thanks!!

    Comment by Alexis | June 6, 2013

  10. Well, I must admit that while I have a heap of cups to choose from, I still just use the Lunette that was the very first cup I ever had (which I bought myself)

    I don’t use the sample cups I have (after initially testing them out), because I want to be able to bring them out to show people, and I’d feel weird doing that if it was cups I regularly used.

    Plus of all the cups I’ve tried, the Fleurcup and Lunette would still be my preferred 2 cups (Fleurcup because it comes in purple and is basically the same shape/design as Lunette)… so since the only fleurcup I have is the one for my collection, I just use my plain old clear Lunette.

    My favourite coloured cup is the purple Ladycup I have (which is a perfectly fine cup, but since it’s in my collection, I don’t use it)….. If Lunette or Fleurcup brought out a cup that colour, I’d buy one and use that cup every cycle, because I like those cup designs slightly better than ladycup… but I’m happy with the clear Lunette.

    Lunette is not as squishy as other cups, Fleurcup is squishier than Lunette… but of the squishier cups with stems I found comfortable and useful – I think my preferred cup would be Ladycup.

    While Skcoon is squishy, a good shape and a comfortable stem, I find the stem too stretchy, and I like to be able to pull the cups down with the stem.

    I find the squishier cups don’t open as easily for me, because if they are squishy it means the silicone is soft, and is more easily compressed by the vaginal walls. The harder cups pop open more easily because they don’t compress/fold up as easily, so they have more firmness to be able to push back against the vaginal walls ……. if that makes sense.

    So I find with the squishier cups I have to press my finger against the vaginal wall to give space for the cup to open out. But that’s not usually too much of an issue…. and may be preferable to a cup that suddenly pops open inside you 9which always gives me cramps)

    Comment by obsidian | June 7, 2013

  11. Hi! I am finding your site so helpful, thank you. I bought a Diva cup 7 years ago because it was what I could find in a store and there weren’t many to choose from that I knew of. I had to cut the stem down and found I rarely used it to help pull it out. I didn’t notice I tended to get cramps from putting it in the first couple days of my cycle and it really did pop out fast and was a bit rough on me. I had a baby two years ago and can’t use my old cup anymore, though I will try it again since it has been a year since I tried it and some things I have read on here might help. I was thinking a softer cup would be better for my now pathetic muscle tone and much larger cervix. I started at your compression test post and cups softer than the Diva but in the larger size. I really like the bell shape of this and the lack of defined ridge and it looks like it would be comfortable for me. Does it sound like I am looking in the right direction? Do you have any other recommendations as far as soft and after vaginal birth (my flow isn’t very heavy)? I am concerned that a size 2 cup will be too big for me depth wise but a size 1 not big enough at the top. I have neglected buying a new cup for so long because I haven’t been able to afford buying multiple cups and like to see things in person, which isn’t really an option for these.

    Comment by goodfamiliesdo | February 16, 2015

  12. I’m not qualified to really be able to give suggestions – but if you’re after a shorter yet wider cup, you may have to look at my comparison tables – by Diameter, to look at the wider cups and see which ones are the shortest.

    The only thing I didn’t really like about this cup was the stem being a bit stretchy and not as much grip as some other cups – but if you are cutting off the stems, then the stem issue won’t be a problem.

    A similar cup shape to this is the Claricup which I tried recently and was very pleased with – but mostly because I preferred the stem of that – which again wouldn’t make a difference though to anyone who cuts the stems off.

    Comment by obsidian | February 16, 2015

  13. Ooh more comparison charts! I will go check it out and look up the cup you mentioned. Thank you! I don’t think I used the stem much but it has been almost three years so I’m not sure.

    Comment by goodfamiliesdo | February 16, 2015

  14. I have a small Sckoon and love it – my first and only cup. After a year-and-a-half of wear, the rubbery, stretchy stem snapped off and I’m learning to remove it without stem. I’ve thought about trying another cup, and I love the comparisons on here, but sometimes cups are referenced as old and have had modifications. I thought Sckoon was squishier than many others (at least Diva which I hear is pretty rigid). But Lunette small is just slightly more rigid? And what about Fleurcup?

    Also, I use a bleach solution at the end of each cycle to clean my cup. Is that not recommended?

    Comment by tiffer42 | April 14, 2015

  15. If your cup broke after only a year and a half, I would contact Sckoon, as a cup is designed to last around 10 years, and that would seem to me to be breaking after too short a time – although I have heard their customer service is very lacking, so it is likely they would not replace it.

    I have heard of others having stem breakage issues too.

    When I say a cup is “old” – it means the particular cup I have is a version that is no longer being sold, as the new versions are in some way different. Some cups I also have the newer version, some I don’t – it depends on if the company has sent me in a new sample or not.

    I don’t have a small Fleurcup to be able to compare it with any other cups.

    Also with the squish test, it is somewhat subjective about what feels squishier than others. Plus cups soften with use and frequent boiling – so all the samples I test are basically unused (only used 1-2 cycles, or tested before being used, and not ever boiled), compared to what other people will be comparing when they are feeling their own personal cups, which get used frequently and are potentially softer than my samples.

    Using bleach is probably not a good idea. No cup companies recommend bleach. I do not know what affect this may have on the cup – it could damage the material, and it could also leave residue that may not be pleasant for you. It would be better to use whatever methods the cup company recommends, generally this is either just boiling, or using a steralising agent such as a “milton” tablet.

    Comment by obsidian | April 16, 2015

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