Menstrual Cups


Country of origin: Website has .eu Domain, but the company is in USA
Composition: Medical Grade ilicone
Sizes: 3.
Dimensions:  “Teen” =31mm diameter, 38mm long without ring, 57mm long with ring. “Regular” = 36mm diameter, 43mm length without ring, 63mm with ring.  “Low Cervix”= 36mm diameter, 43mm length without ring, 50mm with ring
Capacity:  “Teen” = 17.5ml.  “Regular” and “Low Cervix” = 30ml
Stem: Ring
Measuring Lines: no
Cost (RRP):  $39.00 USD
Guarantee: ?
Been around since: Sept 2012
Unique Design?: Yes (This cup design appears to have been created by this brand and has not been seen used by other brands)
My Review:
Other Details: This cup is shaped more like a wine goblet, and has a “lid” type feature. While inserted it works like a funnel, so the blood can flow through the smaller hole into the cup, which helps stop the blood leaking out of the cup while the wearer is lying down.  This “lid” part is pulled up to allow the cup to be emptied.

See the statement Femmycycle made about some users experiencing pain from the suction of the Femmycycle.

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