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Diva Cup has TGA approval

I found out, via being spammed by someone calling themselves the Australia distributor (and having to contact Divacup to check it was legit)… that Divacup is now TGA approved and can be bought and sold within Australia.

So that’s great news!

The RRP is $49.95 (excluding GST which some sellers will have to add on)… making it much (potentially) cheaper than the Keeper, Lunette and JuJu (which are the only other cups available for sale in Aus)


February 11, 2012 - Posted by | news |


  1. While this news is good in terms of increasing the range women in Australia have to choose from, this post is misleading.

    Adding GST to the RRP will bring it’s price up to approx. $55.

    The Juju was only $60 when I bought it a few months ago, and upon checking the price now, it is $55.99.

    The Diva cup is not “much cheaper” than the Juju. It is comparable in price. However, if you factor in that Juju is an Australian product, it is much better value. What could be more important than supporting local business and innovation.

    Also, consider the environmental factors. Buying something made overseas requires alot of shipping, packaging, pollution, that could have been avoided.

    By just searching for these different types of cup you can find that the Keeper is only $45 and appears to be Australian, and Lunette is $57.

    I understand that each cup has it’s features and is a good choice for different reasons, and increasing the range and availability of menstrual cups in Australia will help to spread the word about the many benefits.

    But I do not think that a matter of perhaps $10 for a product that can (in some cases) be used for up to ten years is a relevant factor for choosing one brand over another. There is more important information in making such a personal choice.

    Comment by halo_1110 | February 11, 2012

  2. I was brief in my post, because it was late at night and I wanted to get the word out ASAP. And you are right, I am incorrect on the pricing of the JuJu and Keeper.

    For the record… if you look at my reviews, I personally don’t rate the Diva very high (it ranks #9 out of the 11 cups I’ve reviewed) and don’t recommend it as a cup – AT ALL – I certainly won’t be selling it in my online store – even if it was half the price it currently is – for the same reason I wouldn’t sell the JuJu or the Keeper (I won’t sell a product I don’t personally endorse). However I do believe women should have as much choice as possible, and for the Diva to be available here, is ultimately a good thing.

    .. and I have said numerous times around here that money shouldn’t be the deciding factor when buying a cup because if you buy the wrong cup for you, and have to buy another one – that doesn’t end up being very cost effective at all. In cup communities I see more people having problems with the Diva and needing to switch to another brand, than I do people having issues with any other brand – however the Diva also seems to be the most commonly purchased cup, so I think the high rate of issues is probably just based purely on the fact so many people buy it.

    What could be more important than supporting local business and innovation.
    Buying a product whose design is easy for the customer to use perhaps?

    Just because a product is made in Australia doesn’t mean it should therefore be recommended as a product either. While I love the fact JuJu is made in Australia, and the company seems to be great (both eco-friendly and lovely to deal with), there is an issue with the stem that I feel means that other cups on the market are better than it – from a purely design point of view – and I feel the design/fit/feel of the actual product you’re going to be using is far more important than both price and how much you might like the company – because ultimately you need to use that product and if it’s not right for you, then it doesn’t matter how nice the company or where it was made – the product is not good for you to buy.

    GST is actually not added on by all businesses (small home based businesses who are not registered for the GST don’t charge it, for example), so the cup could retail in some places for $49.95 – it could also retail for cheaper (people are under no obligation to sell for the full RRP). Also by being TGA approved it means that now it is legal for people to buy the cups from overseas and sell them here – given that the retail price in the US is actually lower than the wholesale price is here, It would be possible for a seller here to buy the cups when on special in the US and be able to sell them at a cheaper price to customers here (if they wanted to). Also it means that it’s possible for people to do “co-op” buys and other such ways of getting a cheaper cup.

    Keeper is not an Australian brand, it is an American brand. You are correct however, the keeper has come down in price significantly in the last few years, as it used to be around the AUD$60 mark. I hadn’t noticed because I don’t ever go to the Keeper website, as I don’t like the company or the product, so I don’t recommend it to anyone.

    Also the JuJu had a RRP of $62 when it came out (though had an introductory special) It’s good that the price has dropped on that cup too.

    So in that case, you’re right and the Diva won’t (necessarily) be “much” cheaper after all.

    Comment by obsidian | February 12, 2012

  3. Obsi, do you know when the Keeper, Lunette and JuJu got the TGA approval themselves ? 🙂

    Comment by Quitterie | August 2, 2015

  4. I don’t know for sure, and our public ARTG register isn’t as detailed as the FDA database is, so I can’t check from that.

    JuJu launched at the end of July 2011 – so I imagine not long before that.

    Lunette colours became available here in Feb 2012

    Diva contacted me to sell them Feb 2012… so again, I imagine they got approval sometime just prior to that

    Lunette clear I don’t know. I could ask Lunette Aus when they got approval.

    Comment by obsidian | August 2, 2015

  5. Hello 🙂 You guys sure know your cups! I’ve had a JuJu and I found the stem a bit short. What’s the best cup considering eco friendly/ethical combined with best product design? Thanks

    Comment by Sparklilove | January 13, 2016

  6. Well “best” is subjective, as everyone has different likes and dislikes…. If you’re after cups available within Australia, then my favourite is the Lunette. If you’re willing to buy from overseas, then there are several cups I personally like, such as the Lena and Claricup – Most of the cups I’ve tried I have a detailed rating system for – I haven’t yet rated Lena and Blossom though – those are coming.

    Comment by obsidian | January 13, 2016

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