Menstrual Cups

Plum LadyCup

Arrived today!  it’s very pretty!

The pouch has a glittery finish to it as well, which is quite cute

So it’s a slightly more pinkish purple to the colour of their Lilac.  I have 2 of the Lilac cups. I think the darker one is the usual one (I got it when they first brought it out), and the lighter one was one of the batch of cups that was defective (they split).  I assume the lilac they still produce now is the darker shade.  Anyway – this plum is the one on the left.

I don’t know which I like better actually…

Normally I prefer a blue-purple to a pinky-purple, but they are both incredible cool and deep colours, I love them both!

And compared to other purple cups

(the lighting is terrible, – it’s inside, at night – so take that into consideration)

Miacup, Lunette Cynthia, Plum Ladycup, Lilac Ladycup#1, Lilac #2, Fleurcup

(the fleurcup looks un-coloured compared to the others!)

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  1. The Plum should be very successful 😉 !
    It’s so great to see all the purple cups this way, side by side – love it, even if that’s not even my fav colour he..

    I didn’t follow the whole story of the defective batch of LilacCups… eff did they decide to edit a very clear purple cup, afterwards (maybe because it was very successful?, probably like all their green shades now^^) ?

    And was the issue with them similar to the one of the very first Ladycup samples you had got 🙂 ? If i understood well, the material wasn’t thicker than the usual one or something, but it was stiffer -i guess in particular the rim was- and that triggered the hole to split, and split the body of the cup.

    I know the problem occurred with a batch of GreenCups too, i don’t know if that was at the same period though.

    Well, does it appear to be the same matter (a too stiff Ladycup :s), or maybe the company had another explanation for these defective clearer purple cups? 🙂

    Comment by Quitterie | August 6, 2011

  2. The very first LadyCup samples I got were thinner silicone, but the defective lilac cups were identical to the normal ones – the only difference was (and yes, I seem to recall another colour being affected too) was that they *could* split…. Some people had no problems with them, some did… so the ended up selling them off very cheap to use as a single use test cup (which you were lucky if you got more than one use, but they only guaranteed it for 1 use).

    I remember I bought one to give to my sister to try, but I can’t remember if I bought 2 and gave her one, or if I bought only one and didn’t give it to her lol

    So since I haven’t seen a Lilac cup after the split issue…. I don’t know if only the batch of faulty cups was in that pale colour (and they are normally the darker colour), or if they switched to the paler colour since I got my darker one.

    Comment by obsidian | August 8, 2011

  3. Thank you for this informative answer ;o) !

    Comment by Quitterie | August 8, 2011

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