Menstrual Cups

Lunette Cynthia!

My Cynthia arrived today.  The one I won in the tagging competition on facebook back on 8th March.  It was posted on 7th June (according to the shipping label)… So not sure why they waited so long to post them out? – they said they were posting out when they official launched at the beginning of April.  but they could have said something earlier if they weren’t going to get them out by then… (several people on facebook were asking where they were), so we weren’t all sitting around waiting.  I was wondering if they were stuck at customs or something…

Speaking of… good thing I’m not shy about menstrual stuff – The package came with a “make your periods greener” sticker on it, and the customs form has “lunette menstrual cup” written on it…  the least discreet menstrual cup I’ve ever received it must be said (and I’ve been sent one or two!)…. but then I suppose the first cup Lunette sent me had no customs form on it at all so it was opened by customs.  Wish I was a fly on the wall that day!  lol  Personally I don’t care if the people at the post office see, but from several years of selling cloth pads and being in the reusable menstrual cup community, discreet labelling does come up, so I feel sorry for anyone who does get embarrassed.. since if they labelled it as just a “Lunette cup” and without the period sticker, it would be nice and discreet while still being perfectly fine for a customs declaration.

But anyway… it was free… we shouldn’t complain 🙂  Onto the pics!


The pouch is a lot nicer than the original Lunette pouches I must say – I hadn’t seen the newer ones myself, only photos, but the original pouches they shipped with when they first came out were quite stiff satin, this is nice and soft… and, you know… purple… which is excellent! 😀  Also it’s got no branding on it, so it could be useful for a makeup pouch or something if you’ve already got other pouches to use, which is nice (I’m all for dual purpose).

As I’d come to expect, the cup is a disappointingly less purple colour than I’d anticipated…  which is a shame, I so dearly wanted a really *purple* Lunette.  I live in hope that they will one day revise the colour recipe and make it like the darker colour in the pouch (or better yet, the same colour as the Ladycup purple)… and I’ll buy one then.

I do like the colour better in person than it appears in the official pics I’ve seen of it…  It’s definitely a more pinkish/reddish tone though… I’m going to think of it as “rose”… it sort of reminds me a bit of weak black currant juice.  If I wasn’t expecting it to be “purple”, I wouldn’t be disappointed.  It’s not a bad colour.

I took one photo taken bright light (in shade) in the middle of the day – the other at the end of the day when the sun was down… so you could get an idea of the colour in different light conditions.


Fleurcup, Ladycup, MeLuna (old style), Miacup, Lunette Cynthia

It also came with some stickers… I think I’ll pop these into the local shopping centre toilets – over the tampon ads 😀

Some of them I am left scratching my head over though… like “your lover will lick this idea a lot” – is that supposed to be like? I assume so… surely?….  or do they mean lick?  That’s a bit saucy!  Thank goodness they say “lick this idea“…. if they’d left that word out… dear, me!  😀  but why would my lover (over anyone else) like the idea?  If I had a female lover, we could maybe share the cup… that could be convenient I suppose… but My “lover” (who is a man) doesn’t really care that much about cups to be perfectly honest, so I can’t say he’d “like” it.. other than a “hmm, that’s nice dear” 😀 (just like I don’t take much of an interest in the socks, undies and other things he buys that don’t relate to me)… and the majority of menfolk people talk about with regard to exposure to all things menstrual seem to want to avoid it… so they definitely wouldn’t “like” it… so the whole thing (licking aside) leaves me a bit baffled, but we’ll move on.

“get some silicone” – also seems a bit weird to me… I mean…. surely I’m not the only one who is silently adding the obvious  “in you” on the end of that?  lol  We’re talking about a product that’s going into an intimate part of a female anatomy, I don’t know if a sticker that can be taken in a slightly crass way is really the right way to go…  Now… see, what they should do is make it a pic with a woman who has cups instead of boobs (get it…  not your usual silicone chest!)…  Something like this:

Except that’s using a Miacup, but it was the only non-transparent cup I happened to have a photo of that was the right angle to make the pic!  (image from Zigf – edited by me – image may not be used without permission!)

I do however like the “it’s a lot simpler than your other cup size”  – if you’ve ever tried to go bra shopping for a nice pretty DD or E cup bra in a department store than only stocks those sizes in a beige, granny “over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder” scaffolding styles in anything larger than a D…. you’ll appreciate the sentiment in that one!  In fact, I think I may stick that sticker on the front of my bra drawer!


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  1. “your lover will lick this idea a lot” = oral sex (:
    I’m happy you got your cup (and very jealous)! is it the large or the small? I can’t quite tell from the photos…
    If such a package came in the mail I would be so embarrassed! but for a new lunette… worth it^^
    I really love the color. it’s ideal to me. personal taste is a wonderful thing~ Enjoy your new cup! (:

    Comment by mrg2004 | June 15, 2011

  2. Exactly, I’ve alwasy thought the Cynthia was more pink than purple. A blush wine, if I want to make it sound better.

    As for “licking this idea”, I think one angle that Lunette has always marketed itself from is that menstrual cups makes oral sex during menstruation a lot less messy. Can’t argue with that. 😉

    Hahaha I actually like “get some silicone”. It is almost crass, which is what makes it so attention-grabbing. I foresee a lot of girls doing a double-take and thinking WTF. If they’re brave enough to ask, then they’ll get a beginner’s course in menstrual cups. Just imagine if someone famous wears that shirt! The amount of publicity would be awesome.

    Comment by Julie | June 16, 2011

  3. Thank you for the great pictures. I’m excited that it’s more of a pink then a purple, I love pink. I think those stickers are funny. I would post the lick one in a bar

    Comment by melanie | December 6, 2011

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