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Lunette’s new purple cup – not so purple?

I, like many others, am still waiting to receive the free Cynthia I won from their facebook picture tagging competition, so I still haven’t seen one in person, but the new photos of it are out, and I must say I’m disappointed that it’s not actually purple.

I’m not sure what colour you’d call it… it’s more a wine sort of colour…  Given how many people pick their cups based on colour, I hope nobody gets disappointed buying one expecting it to be “purple”, when it’s not.

Not saying that the colour is unattractive…. it’s not appealing to me, but I’m sure it’s appealing to someone, but I know that being the absolute purple fan I am… (and being a fan of the Lunette) I was **really** looking forward to this cup being a lovely purple, more like the Lady Cup… but instead it seems to be a dusty pinkish-red 😦

I also wish they had called it Artemis instead of Cynthia… Supposedly it was because they thought Cynthia would be easier to pronounce… but the orange cup, Aine, I’d think is much harder to pronounce, if you’re not familiar with the language… many of us have no idea how you pronounce that!  I asked hubby, who is a linguist, and it took him 5 mins and he *thinks* it’s sort of “ah-nuh”…. whereas a layman like me, looking at it, I’d have said “ay-n”… so there you go lol

But back to colour…. So if you’re thinking about buying a Cynthia, just be aware that it is *not* what most people would consider to be purple.

 assorted cups

Clear, Green (Diana), Blue (Selene), “purple” (Cynthia), Orange (Aine) – Photo from

coloured_cynthiaold As it’s difficult to tell colours on a computer screen, due to lots of variables, probably the best comparison picture is something like this – courtesy of Feminine Wear’s Flickr page.  It shows pink and purple cups, so you can get an idea of what the colour is like.

Pink MeLuna, Pink Fleurcup, “purple” Lunette, Miacup, Lilac Ladycup, Purple MeLuna  – Photo from

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Miacup Giveaway

Miacup will be having a random giveaway once thy reach 600 likes on facebook

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