Menstrual Cups

Cup Size Comparison Charts

I’ve made a list of all the major Menstrual Cup brands (that I have measurement information for), listing things like measurements, capacities, stem type, material, Country of origin etc.

Cup Charts as a (more frequently updated) online file:

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* Please be aware that capacity measuring is a guide only.  Different brands may be measuring differently.  For example a “to airholes” measurement could (should) mean to just under the airholes (the maximum your cup could fill before it may leak) or to level with airholes (where you may leak).  The “to rim” measurement may be taken as being level with the rim, or as much as the cup can hold before spilling (which usually domes just above the rim).

Positioning of the airholes (higher or lower up the cup) can be quite different from brand to brand.  Which is why the measurement to airholes can be very different in 2 cups of the same capacity to the rim.  The size of the airholes may determine if a cup will leak once filled past the airholes or not (larger holes are more likely to leak).

For this reason there is a section for info on the holes.  Showing the number of holes, the size of the holes, the distance of the holes from the rim and the angle of the holes – which is marked as a \ for holes that are higher on the inside and angle downward from the inside.  Or / for holes that are higher on the outside, and angle up from the inside.  Holes that are straight through or horizontally angled are marked with –

View as an image file [last updated 1st Feb 2015]: 

(Yes it’s HUGE… so.. you’re welcome :P)


 I’m missing some information, I don’t know the capacity or lengths for all the cups.  So I’ve done the best I can.

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