Menstrual Cups

Purple Cups

Now that I have a purple Fleurcup to photograph, for all the purple lovers out there – here are your options:

Now, different monitor settings will show different colours, so what you see on screen might not be the same as it is in real life, but it can help with comparisons…

Miacup is the most “pink” of all the purple cups (and is opaque)
Lady Cup is the most “Purple” of the cups
MeLuna is a sort of colour blend of Miacup and LadyCup
Fleurcup is a very pale “lavender” type colour

The LadyCup is by far my favourite colour of all the cups.  I love the good deep strong colour of it.  The Fleurcup is the most pale of all the coloured cups I have – so much so that  sometimes you can only tell it has a colour by comparing it to a clear cup or something white (but it is a very pretty shade)

So…. lets have a poll….  For those who like purple…. which cup colour (regardless of the actual cup – just thinking of the colour) do you like best

And… for those who like a colour of the cup but would prefer a different cup shape… what would be your ideal cup?

Mine would be either a Lunette or Fleurcup in the Ladycup colour purple

August 7, 2010 - Posted by | photos, The Cups

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