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Purple Cups

Now that I have a purple Fleurcup to photograph, for all the purple lovers out there – here are your options:

Now, different monitor settings will show different colours, so what you see on screen might not be the same as it is in real life, but it can help with comparisons…

Miacup is the most “pink” of all the purple cups (and is opaque)
Lady Cup is the most “Purple” of the cups
MeLuna is a sort of colour blend of Miacup and LadyCup
Fleurcup is a very pale “lavender” type colour

The LadyCup is by far my favourite colour of all the cups.  I love the good deep strong colour of it.  The Fleurcup is the most pale of all the coloured cups I have – so much so that  sometimes you can only tell it has a colour by comparing it to a clear cup or something white (but it is a very pretty shade)

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Fleurcup – Review

I asked Fleurcup twice for a cup for me to review here.  Both times they refused.  But luckily I was given one  (I’ll have to ask if my source wishes to be named or not lol) so I can review it!

Firstly… pictures!

I have the pouchless version (you can buy them with or without one – an interesting idea, and great to have that choice).  It came in a “ziplock” bag, with an instruction sheet.  No pictures of how to do the folds (they would have fit alongside the diagram of the cup I’m sure), but a decent amount of information there, with a link to their site and an e-mail address…

The cup itself is a pretty frosted purple.  Very light purple. It’s more frosted than the LadyCup cups… probably about as frosted as Lunette, but it’s hard to tell since I don’t have a coloured Lunette to compare it to.

The ridges on the bottom of the cup are quite pronounced, and I think the fact they are broken probably adds to the grippyness.  The ridges on the stem are probably ever-so-slightly more pronounced than the other cups, as this feels the most grippy of any of the cups I’d felt.  I think it’s actually a very attractive looking cup.  The colour it appears here isn’t very true to colour…the packaged one is closer to the true shade.

The holes are large and drilled on an angle… and I notice they have 2 at the front and 2 at the back, and are angled to the outer edges… (eg the left hand hole angles to the left, the right side hole angles to the right)

As luck would have it, my period arrived when the cup did, so I was able to try it out straight away 😀  It’s about as flexible as the Yuuki or Diva (though I have an older style).  I had no trouble folding it or inserting it, and I had no leaks. As with the other tab-stem cups, I can’t feel this at all while it’s in, and as I like to be able to pull the cup down with the stem, I do find a stem to be useful to have.  As there are no markings anywhere on the cup, it was very easy to clean, and while I was at first concerned with the fact the holes are angled (meaning they are longer, so could get clogged more easily), they rinsed clean without even needing to squeeze the water through.

So, all in all (other than the fact the cup company refused to send me one), I’m pretty impressed with this cup. It has the flat tab stem I like, it has no protruding ridge, so insertion and removal are a little easier/more comfortable than the ridged cups.  I think this might now be my favourite cup! (though I’d have to have a few more goes with it to say for sure)

Being a purple lover, I’d ideally like the colour to be stronger, it really is only slight hint of colour, but given that the Lunette had been my favourite cup and it’s doesn’t come in purple, having a slight amount of purple is definitely better than no purple at all 😀

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Mpower – Review

I was lucky enough to be sent an Mpower cup!

The lovely sent me one!!!!

(it’s worth noting that they are apparently going to be changing their cup design, so the new cups may be different to this)


I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet… but some observations from just handling the product.  To be honest… I don’t know if I managed to get a faulty example of this product.  But based on this cup I have – I would not recommend anyone purchase this product.

I like the box… it’s got shiny stuff on it, and I like the logo (and I like the name – “empowering” – I like that aspect). That’s the good stuff…..

I don’t like the pouch… the denim is quite stiff and it’s just a single loop of ribbon, so I guess you’d have to just tie a knot in it to keep it closed (the denim is too stiff for it to stay pulled closed).

The cup itself does look “cheap” – VERY cheap….  You can see the extra silicone from the mould… particularly around the rim.  Now this would be easy to just rub off yourself I imagine, but if you’re comparing it to other cups where this isn’t present…. it just makes this product look a little less well made.

The rim, you can see the rough look.
(click for closer view)

One of the holes already has a 4mm crack running down from it.  This is a cup that I had not even folded yet, and came in a box that didn’t appear to have been squished… It’s a good mm deep split for a few mm, then gets shallower.  One of the other holes seems to be developing a split (a bit less than 1mm).  Another of the holes appears to have been drilled halfway through and then slightly repositioned and drilled again, because you can see the hole starts off bigger, is drilled about halfway through and then continues through a fraction over.  

The ridges on the stem are the other thing that lets this cup down.  While they look fine, I noticed on mine here (which is a proper retail version, not a sample or seconds quality)…. it almost looks like the ridges were applied later, since they are almost like a rubberband stuck to the stem.  I can actually lift them up.  2 of the 3 ridges are stuck down on one of the flat sides of the stem, but not stuck down on the other, the other ridge is only stuck down at the narrower “side” sides… if that makes sense.  I imagine these ridges would completely fall off within a few uses.

Here I’m lifting it up with a pin – the line you see where it should be is the ridge on the other side.  Where it should be stuck down is completely unmarked – so it’s obviously never been stuck down.

I can lift it right up to the other ridge

Edit — Now after taking those pictures and putting the cup into the box with the other cups I have, and rummaging a little through the box to find another cup to compare squishiness with while writing up about the Fleurcup, I’ve now noticed that the bottom ridge of the stem has broken off.  Just from gently brushing against other cups in the box.  Now you can say that’s because I was poking about with it before, but I have no doubt it would have broken off after the first time it was used – regardless of me playing with it.  I can’t say I’m impressed.  Even though it’s not really an essential part of the cup, this shows a lack of quality of this product, and to me, that’s unacceptable.

You can see the ridge has broken.  You can also see the split in the cup coming up from the hole on the right hand side.

And… I also noticed a brown inclusion (speck) in the cup… I’ve tried to scratch it off, it’s most definitely not something *on* the cup, it’s *in* the silicone.  Again, it’s only a minor thing, but personally I’d prefer a cup that doesn’t have a weird brown speck in it….

(I turned the cup inside out to try and photograph it better)

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