Menstrual Cups

MeLuna stems breaking

It seems there have been some reported cases of the stems being damaged or breaking with use.  This could be from users pulling the cup out with the stems, rather than using them to assist the cup coming out…

The statement from MeLuna on the Menstrual Cup Live Journal is

“If a stem rips of we will of course replace the cup. Is possible that a stem rips of if its pulled too hard and the muscles are strong. The handle is to assist you to find and remove the cup, but not to just pull it outside with the handle without removing the pressure. That can happen with other brands as well. If you have to pull hard to be able to remove your cup we recommend to choose a ball style instead. The ball is much more stable than a stem and could not be ripped off. You will not feel the ball inside.

Anyway: because we had some cases with ripped of stems we will react on these and change the stem style to be more stable during the next weeks. We will make a note than on the homepage and new photos when ready.

One again: if you have any problems: don’t hesitate to contact us by email”

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