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Yuuki Cup Pictures

I received the Yuuki Cup today, so here are some pictures

yuukicup3It comes in a tube!

yuukicup1With instruction sheet.  I actually like the tube idea… it’s different and protects the cup from being squashed.  Though the packaging makes me think of a sports supplement or something 🙂


The stem is about the same width as the tube stems of other brands of cup, but it is solid.  Because the silicone is softer than that of the Mooncup UK or Diva, the stem is more flexible, but not quite as flexible as the thinner tab stems of the Lunette or Miacup.

update – It seems they have now changed to a hollow tube stem

yuukicup4(The cup got a bit of fluff on it, so that’s what the speckles are on the rim, I didn’t realise it would show up 🙂  I need to take another photo)

The measuring lines and name are on the inside of the cup. Along with a number “1”.    There is another line on the inside, where the ridge on other cups pokes out… not sure what that is for…  The holes are on an angle, like the Diva’s holes


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  1. Hey, thanks for your pictures !
    I got my large Yuuki a few days ago… And my stem is hollow, not solid ! is there by any chance a difference between large and small size, in the stems ?

    Does small size looks like a mix between LadyCup and DivaCup ? My large size is so huge, maybe I use it just after I have my baby 🙂

    Comment by Laura | July 26, 2009

  2. Same issue here! I love the large yuuki but insertion and taking out is too painful. Definitely using it after a baby as well. so saaad. I want to get off tampons so bad, and with heavy periods and the yuuki being too difficult to use, I’m stuck with tampons.

    Comment by TB | May 29, 2013

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