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Yuuki Cup Pictures

I received the Yuuki Cup today, so here are some pictures

yuukicup3It comes in a tube!

yuukicup1With instruction sheet.  I actually like the tube idea… it’s different and protects the cup from being squashed.  Though the packaging makes me think of a sports supplement or something 🙂


The stem is about the same width as the tube stems of other brands of cup, but it is solid.  Because the silicone is softer than that of the Mooncup UK or Diva, the stem is more flexible, but not quite as flexible as the thinner tab stems of the Lunette or Miacup.

update – It seems they have now changed to a hollow tube stem

yuukicup4(The cup got a bit of fluff on it, so that’s what the speckles are on the rim, I didn’t realise it would show up 🙂  I need to take another photo)

The measuring lines and name are on the inside of the cup. Along with a number “1”.    There is another line on the inside, where the ridge on other cups pokes out… not sure what that is for…  The holes are on an angle, like the Diva’s holes

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MeLuna – My Thoughts

I found out about this brand in a post on the Menstrual_cups community. I must say, I found the picture of the dolls wearing the cups as hats to be just waaaaaaaaaay too cute to not have a fondness for this company right there! (I love it when a business has a sense of humour and fun about them).

I wrote to them and asked if they could send me some samples, and asking for some more info on the cups, and I got a reply back straight away saying yes, and giving me the info I asked for (and several pictures). Which I was impressed with.

I was excited about this brand not only because of the cup-hat wearing dolls 🙂 but they are also purple and with a tab stem! I must say though that the plastic composition doesn’t put me at as much ease as it would being silicone, but then that is only because I don’t know much about the type of plastic they use. Apparently the same type of plastic is used in the Instead cups and also in things like baby bottle teats – so I am going to assume it is safe for menstrual cups, as the company says. And to be fair, I was a little wary of silicone when I first started researching cups (hearing stories of killer silicone breast implants [though that is a different type of silicone])… I think sometimes we are always wary of something new, and that doesn’t always mean bad. But I do know that a lot of people (myself included) are a little scared of all plastics, with the things you hear about (chemicals leaching out etc.)

They do however have a “flaw”, which I assume has to do with production, that the silicone cups for some reason don’t have.  It is a round mark on the rim, you can see in the picture below.


The price is certainly good, which is one benefit of using the plastic they do, instead of the silicone.

Testing it out – Firstly, it’s a very stiff material. Much more so than the other cups. It has the same sort of shape and rim as the Lady cup. With the folding tests I did prior to inserting the cup, I was a bit worried about the strength of the “pop” the cup does as you unfold it. But it pops out less violently when doing the “punchdown” method, so I used that.  It is actually nice to have a cup that pops open without problems when I’m inserting it on the toilet – I normally find that position a bit challenging to get the cups to open fully.  Even if once it did pop open too suddenly and give me a bit of a surprise 🙂

I first tried the cup with the tab stem. I found it very hard to grasp that stem. The cup has a lot of suction (more than I have experienced with other cups), so I wasn’t even able to pull the cup down a little to better reach the rim, as I am normally able to do. It took a bit to break the seal (especially since the rim is stiffer than other cups), and it was still more difficult than other stems to keep hold of (it was a bit slippery and thin).  Then I tried the ring stem – I was able to grip that better, so I would prefer this stem to the tab one.

Removing the cup is a little more “uncomfortable” (not painful, just not comfortable) than the other cups due to the stiffness.  I think the smoothness of the inside might make it easier to wipe clean than the other cups – it seemed to clean slightly more easily.  I like the  fact there is no writing or markings on the cup at all, so nothing to collect blood.

I noticed that when you fold the cup fully, little crack-like lines appear in the folds, which doesn’t happen in the other cups, so I assume it has to do with the plastic vs silicone thing? (or perhaps the cups they sent me are different in quality to what you would normally buy?) The “cracks” completely disappear when the cup isn’t being held in the fold, so I don’t think it is doing any permanent damage…. and also I didn’t boil the cup, I just poured boiling water over it and used a mild natural soap….. and I tried to fold it while still warm from the water, and it distorted the shape (oval). I folded it the other way to bend it back to round again, and it was then fine, but I don’t know if it would have stayed in that shape if I’d not folded it the other way.

I was trying the large size, and I had no leaking, though so far I haven’t worn it long enough to get anywhere near the holes.

Gear – I don’t know how they are usually packaged, but mine were packaged in a small plastic bag each, and then put in a mailing envelope. I assume customers actually buying these will get instructions – and I don’t know what other packaging they would use.

included with my samples was a pouch. Which is made from a blue suede-like fabric, with a silvery printed design of the woman and a moon. I quite like the pouch 🙂

Personal Observations – I’ve been impressed with this company. Not only with the fact they offer a good range of colours, but also a choice of stem types! Which is a great idea!!! When I have contacted them, the response was very quick and in good English (useful for us non-German speaking people)… and they have been more than helpful with providing extra images, and a sample of each of the colours and stem types of the cups!


I’ve rated all the cups I’ve tried. They can be found here:

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