Menstrual Cups

MeLuna Pictures

The very generous people over at MeLuna have sent me some of their cups!  So I thought Id take some photos of them.


This is all the colours of the cups, and the pouch.  The pouch is a sort of suede-like fabric, it feels very smooth and nice.  The black is actually black!  solid colour (not transparent) and very black!  I’m sure there will be lots of gals who will love that.

I don’t know how they will show on your screen, but the green is a lime green, the blue is a quite bright blue, the purple is gorgeous 🙂  The “red” is a sort of orangish red.  They are all quite vibrant colours.





The 3 types of stem.  Ball, Ring and tab/stalk

The tab/stalk stem is not flat like the Lunette or Miacup stem – this is round, so very thin indeed.  It is very flexible.

MelunasizesThis shows the Larger and Smaller sizes in the different stem types.

Melunasizes2bSlightly better comparison of sizes 🙂



(All photos are copyight Obsidian 2009 and cannot be reproduced without permission)

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  1. I was wondering if you’d mind posting a photo of this compared to a diva/ladycup. I have a small in both, but the diva is too long, the ladycup too small for overnight and I love the ball stem idea of the meluna’s. I was wondering about the size comparisons since the charts on LJ show that the small MeLuna is very small. I’d just like to see a side-by-side photo if that is possible for you? Or would you be able to email one to me?

    This is so awesome they sent you so many! Yay for MeLuna!

    Comment by Audrey | July 21, 2009

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