Menstrual Cups

Cup pictures from MeLuna

I e-mailed MeLuna and asked if they had any pictures of the coloured cups. They replied back straight away, and sent me several pictures! Including pictures of the cups next to tampons, which is a great visual reference for people who have never seen a cup in real life.  They are also sending me samples, so I will be able to include the MeLuna in some photos with other cups!   So here they are.

different versionsThis shows the stem types available
(Ring, Classic stem, ball and no stem)

Shows the colours available

Kopie von P1010230_0001

Kopie von P1010231_0001

Kopie von P1010232_0001

Kopie von P1010235_0001

Kopie von P1010236_0001

MeLuna with bag

Größenvergleich Tampon - MeLuna

Größenvergleich mit Tampon

Meluna XLImage of the XL version (to be released soon)

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  1. i just recieved my small MeLuna, and it’s – compared to Mooncup or Fleurcup really petite:)
    anyway, there is new version now with little bit different colours and grip rings at the base+ new violet bigger pouch! (which i like much more:))
    (i found some pictures via google – )

    Comment by galthea | December 6, 2010

  2. Hello,
    can i use any of these photos for a post blog?

    Let me know,

    Comment by kerook | October 19, 2012

  3. Ps. Thanks ^^

    Comment by kerook | October 19, 2012

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