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Mooncup (UK) – My Thoughts

I have both the size “A” and size “B”

Testing it out – I felt the ridges more inserting it… more than the Diva….and a lot more than Lunette or Lady Cup. Not uncomfortably so, I just felt the ridges more…. I tried inserting it while on the toilet and while lying on the bed… I felt it a lot more when on the toilet. The actual rim of mooncup is thicker than the other cups, which may be what it is…but its only a thing I noticed because of trying all 3, and it certainly wasn’t Uncomfortable… just less comfortable than the others. The stem (when untrimmed) pokes quite a lot…. its very annoying when you go to the toilet as it gets in the way of wiping (it pokes out of the vagina on me), and sitting was painful, as it jabbed me more. I wear the Lunette untrimmed as I don’t need to trim it, I could at a pinch wear the Diva untrimmed, though I would trim it to make it more comfortable… but I would absolutely trim the Mooncup stem as it’s too annoying and uncomfortable to use with the full stem….. but most people trim the stems anyway. So apart from the stem, it felt no different in wearing than the other cups. The outside collected more blood in that rim part than the Lunette does (the same as the other cups with pronounced rims). The holes weren’t as hard to clean as the Diva, they came clean quickly. The bottom of the inside was not as easy to clean as I’d thought a flat bottom would be, but easier to get into than the Diva, because the Diva is quite narrow at the bottom. The smaller Mooncup (“B”) didn’t feel noticeably different to the larger (“A”) at all. I tried cutting the stem in half on my extra sample (they accidentally sent me 2 lots), and it wasn’t uncomfortable after that. So I’d be pretty happy with it cut in half to 2/3 off… though I still prefer the flat tab stems. I find the yellowed colour of the silicone a bit offputting…. it resembles that old stickytape….

Gear – they come in a cotton pouch – looks like calico or some unbleached natural cotton with their logo on, and different coloured ribbons for the size of cup. I believe bought versions come in a recycled cardboard box. With a small booklet of instructions in different languages, and I got pamphlets, which are nicely presented.

Personal observations – I haven’t had all that much correspondence with Mooncup, I asked for a sample, and they sent it. I have on one other occasion e-mailed them (over something with their website), and had a pleasant response.


I’ve rated all the cups I’ve tried. They can be found here:

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  1. Hi there!
    I recently purchased a mooncup (uk) and I can’t really notice the yellowish tinge that you’ve commented on. Is it possible they’ve tinkered with the silicon? I’d be interested in you re-evaluating them – though nothing much else about them seems different to what you’ve described, I know a big reason you didn’t like them was because of that yellowish colour.
    I wish I’d googled enough to find your site before I purchased – I only came across the Diva Cup and Mooncup (UK) and ended up going with the Mooncup purely because it was cheaper (~AU$40 inc postage, compared to Diva’s AU$50 at the chemist), though now I’m considering picking up a couple of other brands to give them a go.

    Comment by BNE | May 30, 2012

  2. I’ve used Mooncup for a long time, and it’s my only cup so far.

    I’ve constantly had a problem with leakage. I asked their support for help, but nothing worked.
    Doesn’t matter what I do, it still leaks, and I have to use lots of paper, which sort of ruins the point of a cup in the first place.
    I don’t have the problems reported here though, I don’t feel it at all.
    I have cut the whole stem off as it would just poke out. The cup is of course meant to sit as far down as possible, but for me it always slides up as far as possible.

    So except for me not feeling it, it’s awful (for me), and I need something else.

    Comment by Frida Nyberg | January 26, 2015

  3. What size Mooncup are you using? is it the right size for your body (eg are you using the larger size if you’re over 30 or had a baby)?

    I assume Mooncup went through the obvious questions of whether or not you’ve made sure it’s opened up and positioned correctly.

    If you’ve tried lots of different things and are still leaking, maybe changing to a different cup might help – but without knowing why it is leaking, it might be hard to pick a cup to try and that might work better.

    I’m sorry I can’t really help much I’m afraid.

    Comment by obsidian | January 26, 2015

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