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Lady Cup – My Thoughts

The sample they sent is a proper cup – no hole punched in! So that was very nice of them. First impressions were “ohh wow – it’s bendy!” It was a softer feeling silicone to the other cups, so a lot more flexible. However, I later found out that the cup they sent me as a sample was made with a thinner silicone than the cups they normally sell. So I got another sample, the smaller size this time, and the silicone on that is as the ones they sell. Which is still softer/ more flexible (squishier) than the other cups. I was surprised at the 2 rows of holes, and the fact the holes are quite large. Its also the plainest cup, with no writing or markings inside or out – except the small bumps on the bottom to help grip (where some of the other cups have lines/ridges). Because there are no ridges on the outside of the cup, it is much more comfortable for insertion. Not that any of the cups are “uncomfortable”, but it’s a noticeable difference.

It does look a little more “budget” than the other cups – as several people have commented on (I don’t think it looks “cheap” but if you were to line them all up and ask someone which was the cheapest, I’m sure they would pick lady Cup) – with the lack of writing and the lack of the ridge near the rim… In my opinion the writing on the cups is pointless though…you generally know what cup it is without it having to tell you – most people only have one (and even me with my lot of samples can tell them apart without having to read any of them) and without writing it’s easier to clean… and the lack of ridge makes the cup more comfortable to insert. So I think the plainness is actually a bonus, and I’d prefer a plain cup over some of the others.

Testing it out – Folding it and inserting it was easier than the other cups. The thinner sample cup was incredibly easy to keep folded due to its softer silicone, but the tradeoff for that was it didn’t pop open easily once inside. The softness of the silicone in that thinner sample cup meant it didn’t want to pop out violently like the others. I was able to get it to open, but it took a bit of poking and about 5 “stirs” (putting my finger to the rim and moving around, pushing the vaginal wall out to let the cup open) to get it to open properly. When I e-mailed the Lady Cup people to give them my thoughts on it, that is when they told me that the sample I received was the thinner silicone, so I asked for another sample, which they generously did. Which I had no problems getting to pop open. The silicone on the proper cup is less flexible than the thinner sample, so has the same “pop” that the other cups do, but it is still soft and easily folded.

Cleaning was easy – the easiest of all the cups. The blood stayed in the holes on removal – like it does in all the cups, but washed away when I rinsed the cup. I didn’t need to actually clean them at all. So it’s the easiest cleaning cup I’ve tried yet. The stem is more comfortable than the other tube stems because of the softness of the silicone, I’d probably be able to leave it untrimmed without too much complaint. Its not as frosted as the other cups, so it looks clearer.

Gear – My first one (the thinner sample) was sent in a small box surrounded with shredded paper in a packaging box… so it was very well packed. It came with an apricot coloured cotton pouch, a sachet of lubricant and 2 milton steralising tablets. The second one (the proper cup) was in the apricot bag, inside a plastic bag (as you would expect for display) in a mailing bag. The coloured cup samples were again all proper saleable products (I believe), packaged in individual boxes with the colours marked on the sides, packed into a mailing box with padding.



Personal observations – A lovely company to deal with. They actually e-mailed me to tell me of their product when they started out, so I asked for a sample which they provided. I also suggested some changes to the way things were said on their website due to some translation problems, so I’ve had a few e-mails back and forth with them. The correspondence I’ve had with them was quite positive. And, not only did they send me a sample in the first place (without a hole punched in it too), which is very much appreciated, but they also sent me a sample of their proper cups, so that I would have one of the proper products to be able to compare, and they have sent me each of their coloured cups as well! All e-mails have been very friendly and personalised to me (not your standard automatic responses), so I’ve been extremely impressed by this company.

My love of purple is fairly well known…. and while I have always been a huge fan of the Lunette because of it’s design, I have to say the new purple LadyCup has really become a favourite. Infact all the colours are great. I’m not normally a fan of orange, but the orange LadyCup is really nice too (sort of reminds me of tropical mangos or something), and the colourful bags are a nice touch, with the cup name on a tag on the side of the bags, and the ribbons matching the cup colours. They seem to put a lot of effort into little touches like that.


There has been a few problems with some of the coloured cups.  It would seem that some batches are prone to splitting.  The company is replacing split cups, and have sold off remaining cups from those batches as “trial” cups, only guaranteeing them to last one use (although some women get more than that).  As a way to let women try cups inexpensively.  I bought 2 of these “Trial” cups, and found the silicone to be lighter in colour, and also stiffer than that of the non-faulty ones I have.

I do not know if the new colour for these cups is the more transparent/lighter versions, and all cups will be this new colour or if this lighter coloured cup is only from the defective batches, and only the defective ones are this light.

ladycupsaples“Trial” Lilac cup, “proper” Lilac cup, “Trial” Blue cup, “proper” Blue cup (small size)

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  1. Hi! Just dug up your blog. Hope you don’t mind me asking a question. The lady cup’s website says the large size is for ages over 25 (or having been pregnant), while most of the other cups list 30 as the “large” age limit. I can’t quite tell from this post, but it looks like you say the smaller one had the proper fit for you at 31/c-sec?

    I only ask, because I’m (unfortunately) shopping for a new cup, but since we’re trying to conceive at the moment, it would be very beneficial if I could buy a cup now (at 26) that would also work after giving birth. It’s the timing, you know?

    Just wondered if you had any thoughts. Have a good one!

    Comment by Sara | September 10, 2008

  2. The smaller Lady cup is quite a bit smaller than the “small” sizes in the other brands, so I believe that is why their age is set younger. I didn’t try the smaller ladycup with my period though… I was commenting more on the opening up factor.

    I personally recommend women who are nearly 30/planning to have a child get the larger of the cups… particularly if it is one of the brands whose smaller cups are much smaller. Because you’d want to get the most use out of it, and if you are planning to have a baby within the next couple of years, it would seem to make more sense to go with the larger one that will be suitable after birth….

    but this is only my opinion… 🙂

    Comment by obsidian | September 11, 2008

  3. Sara, I also had trouble determining what size Lady cup to buy, but from my experience you may be able to tell what would be good for you.

    I am 23 with no children, and previously, I never needed to use the “super” size tampons before. This made me think that the smaller size Lady cup might be right for me, but the cut-off age for the sizes on the Lady cup is 25, and I wanted to get a menstrual cup that would last me a long time (plus I now have an IUD which means heavier flow), so I chose to get the larger size, and it works great. I haven’t had any problems with it at all. From my experience, I would recommend the larger size, but you know your body best.

    Comment by Rachael | October 19, 2008

  4. Hi again! Thanks so much for your site, which I keep coming back to over and over! I met you on Livejournal, and your site and that one have been HUGE influences for me, and encouraged me to keep going on this journey (which hasn’t always been smooth).

    I’m back now because although I *love* my Lunette (chosen after I read your site the first time over 2 years ago) I’m now looking at all the newer options around, and I have a rather girly liking for a PinkCup. I knew you would have a good review I could trust! So now I’m off to get myself a post-baby-return-of-menses present!

    BTW I *love* your menarche presents! Such a great thing to celebrate, and I hope to do this when my daughter (currently in cloth nappies) is of an appropriate age. You are an inspiration to me! And a fellow Aussie as well! I think you are even another Melbournite, if I remember correctly.


    Comment by Elizabby | October 24, 2008

  5. Hi, a very interesting comparison! I have a bit different experience with the Lady Cup – its true its easily to fold then the other cups BUT I actually think that the fact that it has no ridges just a couple ob bumps on the bottom makes it extremely slippery when taking out and rinsing. I get always nevous that it will slip out of my hand into the toilet or sink when I wash it. So thats why I prefer to use the Mooncup.

    Comment by Magda | October 24, 2008

  6. Its soooo hard to tell what all the colours will ACTUALLY look like, and how translucent they are… The photo’s on the website seem quite deceptive as they show the purple being just as light a tint as the green and blue… but here it looks much darker.

    I’m still trying to decide between these three colours… How translucent are the green and blue? are they just a hint or are they darker than they look compared to the purple?

    Thanks!! (I’m trying to resist the metality of needing the whole set – but they’re just soooo pretty!)

    Comment by Mac | February 13, 2009

  7. hey there
    I own the Orangecup large size and absolutely love it ! I also have the DivaCup small size and the lunette small too. I love the 3 of them and wish to try even more… What about the MiaCup ? anyway thanks for your pictures showing the real colours of LadyCup, on the websites they look pale and not that coloured (specially for Yellow and Orange !)

    Though I heard small sizes are harder to manipuulate than large ? (this is why I chose large though I’m 26 and have no children yet)

    Comment by Laura | February 15, 2009

  8. I managed to get a trial lady cup in Lilac… I wasn’t aware that they were defect ones.. though I do remember the site saying that you would get at least one period out of it. I thought that would be just when they ask you to send it back/pay full price for it. But I guess it’s going to split at some point.

    This is my first time using one of these cups, and having thought about it for years, finding this site help me decide, and I’m very happy with the ladycup, especially at the trial price (worked out about £4.99 I think) So if it does happen to split (I’ve had two periods with it) I’ll definitely be ordering another one… hmmm wonder where I put the 15% discount voucher that came with it?

    Thank you so much for a very informative site.

    Comment by Lozza | April 3, 2009

  9. Oh just to add, my trial cup came in a plastic bag, no instructions or cotton bag

    Comment by Lozza | April 3, 2009

  10. Very nice and useful blog, thank you.
    I have a Lady cup and I like it very much except for one thing, the holes. They are too large and the lower line of holes is unnecessary, only reducing the capacity of the cup. It can keep 20 ml up to the holes but in my experience it starts to leek at about 15 ml (sometimes at 10 ml) full because it is inclined inside the vagina. It might be unimportant for most women but for those having heavy flow is quite unconvinient.

    Comment by Vas | November 10, 2009

  11. Vas you may be interested to know that a Lady Cup without holes is being trialed. I’ve used it and its fine – no suction problems at all and extra capacity.

    Comment by Jess | December 9, 2009

  12. I’m seriously thinking of getting either a Lunette or Ladycup.
    The thing is, does the hollow ladycup stem make it “dirtier” if I leave in untrimmed? Does it easily trap anything during period? Is it easy to clean inside the hollow stem?
    Thanks for answering 🙂

    Comment by Carollyn | April 21, 2010

  13. You have convinced me to buy clear Ladycups for myself and my sister. I am thinking of getting both sizes; one for the lighter flow days and the other for hevier flow. I live in Canada and hope to bid at an eBay auction to get them at a much lower price tag (plus, the ladycup store has free international shipping).
    Thanks a bunch! 🙂

    Comment by Olena | April 27, 2010

  14. I was wondering how you got them to send you 5 free ones I’m starting a reveiw channel and I asked them for one I could review and they said yes but I didn’t know they sent thinner ones I was hoping on the actual product and I would absolutely love to get more than one for free like you

    Comment by R | July 13, 2017

  15. It was when they were starting out, so the thinner one was a sample rather than an actual sale version of the cup. As for getting several cups, again being a new brand at the time they were keen to get their cups known, so they generously sent several.

    Back then a lot of the cup companies would send out cups that either had holes punched in them or were not the standard silicone – as I guess they were trying to make sure people weren’t just getting free cups to use. As there are a lot more people doing reviews of cups now, it’s getting very very difficult to get cup companies to send free cups for review now. Even brands like MeLuna who sent me lots of cups in the past refused to send me their new designed ones to review (maybe they didn’t like my review :P)

    Comment by obsidian | July 14, 2017

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