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Lunette – My Thoughts

I have this as my personal cup (as well as having a sample so I can take it around to show people [don’t want people holding/playing with the cup I actually use] I only have the larger size. I’d love to have a sample of the smaller Lunette to add to my cup collection, but I can’t justify buying one.

Testing it out – I find the stem to be very comfortable. At first, when I was new to the cups, I could feel it – not uncomfortable, but just aware it was there…. but I find that because it’s flat and thinner than the hollow tube stems, it just flexes and bends with your body, so I don’t get poked by it at all. So I happily leave it untrimmed. I like to use the stem to pull down on the cup when getting it out, so I really do like to use the stem, and I’ve found the short Diva stem and trimmed other stems to be not ideal for me. The only thing that I don’t like about the Lunette stem over the others is that it’s too flexible to be able to hold the stem and turn the cup (if you do, only the stem turns :)) But since I used the Lunette first, I’ve learned not to use the stem to turn the cup (You can turn the cup to help it make a seal by the way)…. just hold the base of the cup, or not turn it at all. The stem being solid also means no blood can go up into the stem, so that’s a cleaner aspect. I’ve never had a problem with Lunette. I often have it fill past the rim (I have a very heavy flow, and tend to leave it in all day) without leakage.

I also like the smooth sides. The smoother, no ridge top makes it slide in/out easier than the bumpier other cups, which I like, and there is less areas to collect blood. While you have to remember what the 2 lines for measuring actually correspond to (they are unmarked), I like that they are just lines and not writing too, as it’s all less places to collect blood…. and I don’t bother measuring flow anyway since I normally just let it fill up. Unlike the other cups that have the name/website on them in raised letters, Lunette’s are in slightly indented larger letters, so again, less chance of catching blood in the lettering.

Gear – The one I bought came in a green/yellow synthetic material pouch, with a ribbon drawstring… but the fabric is very stiff and doesn’t close as nicely as a cotton does. I really don’t like it…. I immediately made my own bag for it, and unfortunately threw out/lost the original one (I’d like to have kept it for the sample). I think this it was in a plastic bag like you’d see hanging on display in a store. The sample I received I think was just put in a plastic bag, (no pouch). But I do find their flyers pretty with the floral stuff.

The sample I received.

This is the bag I got with my personal cup.

Personal observations – I haven’t had all that much correspondence with Lunette, I asked for a sample, and I believe I got a prompt e-mail back saying yes… (it was before I wrote up the reviews, so I wasn’t paying enough attention)… though I have had quite a few correspondences with Henna from who is very friendly and lovely to deal with, if you’re buying a Lunette I do recommend getting it through those stores (they are run by the same person)


I’ve rated all the cups I’ve tried. They can be found here:

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  1. Hi! Your site is very illustrating! I love it! I also think the bouch of the Lunette is not made from very good fabric. I just got a Lunette (I still have to try it with my period) and I found its fabric cheap. It’s the blue model, but they haven’t improved the “formula”.
    Comparing it with the mooncup (which I have tried and didn’t work well for me), I think the Lunette is a good choice, ann its silicone it’s much appealing than the mooncup.
    Well, congratulaitons for this great site! I’ll try to recomend it!

    Comment by Eva | September 21, 2008

  2. I loved your site! I’m was so glad to find someone who had seen them all and tried them. I decided to get the Lunette. I had to order from the UK since they don’t sell them in the US. Well worth it though. I just love it. It’s really changed my life. Thanks for your work.

    Comment by Ellie Schoultz | January 12, 2009

  3. As a US resident, how did you get your Lunette, since it is not yet Fda approved?

    Comment by Shon | November 17, 2009

  4. Actually I’m an Australian 😀

    When bought my Lunette… it was not approved by the TGA (our equivalent of the FDA), however the TGA rules are that you can import a non-approved medical device so long as it is for your own personal use (eg I can’t buy 4, keep one and sell the others).

    It has now been approved by the TGA though.

    I don’t know what the FDA ruling is on purchase of non-approved medical devices, but apparently Lunette is undergoing the approval process, so it should be only a matter of time before it is approved and available for sale in the US.

    Comment by obsidian | November 17, 2009

  5. Your site is wonderful and VERY informative!!!! The FDA here in the US has now approved the Lunette and thanks to your input I am ordering mine now (from of course).

    Comment by Sally | February 16, 2010

  6. I bought a Lunette for my first cup and have now used it for 2 years. I love its large capacity, but have found that it snaps open when folded in a c fold, and has caused a lot of pain (to my bladder mainly.) I recently did a great deal of reading on your site, found there were other folds (watched a video!) and did some experimenting. Love the punch-down fold and use it all the time now with no pain! Thanks for an excellent website and your contribution to the community!

    Comment by Chris | August 23, 2011

  7. Hello,

    I never used a cup but I’m interested in trying one. Do you recommend this one for first time users (alsonis it good for heavy flows)? What are the price ranges and how often do you buy a new one? Also is this specific cup made of medical silicon? (Sorry for all the questions LOL I read most of you website but couldn’t find these answers for this particular cup.
    P.S: love the site 🙂

    cheers from thee U.S.

    Comment by Des | June 18, 2015

  8. Because it is stiffer it should pop open easily, so that could make it easier for beginners.

    I’m not sure on pricing, you might have to shop around. It’s more expensive than the Diva, I think you’re probably looking at about $30-$40 US? They should last about 10 years, same as any other menstrual cup, and yes the Lunette is medical grade Silicone.

    Comment by obsidian | June 18, 2015

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