Menstrual Cups

My Comparisons and Ratings – Visual Appeal

This is part of my comparison chart for the menstrual cups I have tried.
See here for the chart and links to the individual sections.

Visual Appeal

This is somewhat subjective…. everyone has different likes and dislikes… but I figured I’d also rate these things as well..

  • Aneer/iClean – “Sticky” shiny silicone, pale colours.  I personally find this type of transparent shiny/sticky silicone to look and feel very “cheap” and I don’t like it.  The “purple” is too close to a pink.  Has Seams
  • Bassrose – Has a fairly unique shape (though similar to Sckoon), silicone is a whitish-clear “sticky” feeling silicone that looks a bit “cheap”.  Has seams
  • Blossom Cup – Frosted smooth silicone, pale transparent colours. “Purple” very close to pink.  No seams.
  • Claricup – Dark blue soft silicone, shape is appealing, some may not like the colour.  Has seams.
  • Cup Lee – Slightly transparent “sticky” shiny silicone.  Good vibrant colours.  The surface of the silicone has some small marks on it that almost look like it is greasy.  Doesn’t feel as “cheap” as something like the Aneer, but doesn’t feel as nice as some others.  No seams.
  • DivaFrosted silicone, looks appealing.  No seams.
  • Eco-Cup – Nice frosted silicone,  Pink version has a good depth of colour.  Clear version has a slight “white” look.  No seams.
  • Femmecup (old) Whiter silicone with a slightly shiny look, which felt a tiny bit more plastic and “cheap” than the other cups.
  • Femmecup (new) – Very clear silicone.  Cool spiral on the stem.  Slightly sticky feel. Very slight (barely there) seams
  • Femmycycle – Very clear silicone, “sticky” feel to the silicone.  Has a very unusual shape.
  • Fleurcup – Frosted silicone, looks appealing – available in several (albeit pale) colours.  Has seems.
  • Gaia – White, almost opaque frosted silicone.  No seams.
  • Juju – Very clear silicone, pretty butterfly grip on stem.  Has a slightly sticky feel. No seams.
  • Keeper Brown rubber, does not look appealing.  Goes kinda sticky with age.
  • Lady Cup – Clearer silicone with a slightly shiny look, without markings (plain), doesn’t look as appealing.  However they have coloured cups available which I do find very appealing.
  • Lena Cup – frosted smooth silicone, pastel pinkish orange colour.  Very faint seam.
  • Lily Compact – Really smooth and lovely feeling “peach skin” silicone. Feels really nice and soft.  No seams.
  • Lily Cup – Really smooth and lovely feeling “peach skin” silicone. Feels really nice and soft.  No seams.
  • LunaCup – White frosted silicone with pretty leaf design on base. feels soft. Slight seams visible.
  • LunetteFrosted silicone. Slight seams.
  • Luv Ur Body – White frosted silicone with flower designs.  feels soft and nice. Seams are raised and obvious.  I don’t find the shape of the cup as appealing as a bell shape though.
  • Mami Cup –  Frosted translucent silicone outside, shiny on the inside.  Has Seams.
  • MeLunaSeveral coloured versions, and nice deep/vibrant colours, including glitter!! they do not quite have the same look as silicone however.  Has seams.
  • MiacupLove the purple! It is very different to the other cups, being a solid colour. However the exact colour can vary between cups, so it is not a consistent colouring.  No seams.
  • Mooncup (new) – Frosted whitish silicone, looks much more appealing than the old one.
  • Mooncup (old)Yellowed silicone, doesn’t look as appealing. No seams.
  • MPower – Has a similar “cheap plastic” look and feel to the old Femmecup, which isn’t as appealing.  The cup I have also has several faults.
  • OrganiCup – soft whiteish frosted silicone, appealing shape.
  • Ruby Cup – Frosted silicone, feels nice and smooth.  No seams.
  • Sckoon – Has a line where around the base of the cup it’s not frosted and the rest is.  Faint seam in non-frosted area.  Frosted area has strange patterns in it (like water drops or stretch marks).  Pretty flower design on the base.
  • Si-bell – shape is appealing, Soft whitish frosted silicone.  Has seams.
  • Yuuki (old)A very clear silicone, but without the shinyness of the Lady Cup and Femmecup.
  • Vcup – White frosted silicone, interesting contrast between the stickier clearer sections and the more frosted section.


The “frosted” cups usually have a feeling people describe as “peach skin”.  Some feel nicer than others.   Sckoon cup has a frosted finish about the same as Diva but has an odd finish and feels a little “stickier”, whereas the other frosted cups have a smoother feel and don’t have the same odd finish.

The silicone used in both Lily cups is really soft, smooth and really lovely to touch.

Juju and Femmecup (new) are the clearest of the cups, then old Yuuki, then LadyCup. Juju is the “stickiest” feeling of the cups.

While I don’t like the feel of the sticky cups, I imagine that could actually provide better grip than the soft/smooth feeling frosted cups, so I won’t add or detract points for stickyness or smoothness – because they could be both positives or negatives.

I personally find the frosted look to be nicer than the clear cups, though that is down to personal taste I guess.  So I’ll give 0.5 points to all the nicely clear/white frosted cups.

Cups that come in more than 1 colour option can get 2 points each for bringing out cups in a colour that is solely designed to increase it’s visual appeal.   Luv Ur Body can have 2 points because they do offer a couple of colours and the coloured flower design options. Both Lily cup and compact can have 2 points for the lovely feel of their silicone.  Miacup, Lena and Eco-cup will get 1 point because while they offer a colour it’s only 1 colour, so the others get an extra point for offering multiple colours  Aneer, Blossom & iClean likewise get only 1 point because the colour difference is not great enough. MeLuna gets 3 points for adding not only coloured, but also glittered cups!  Claricup would get a point for having a colour too, but I’m not sure it is as appealing as other colours, so I’ll remove half a point for the unusualness of that colour.

MPower loses a point for each (4) for the flaws in the cup I have (being the silicone is literally falling off the stem; there are rough parts around the rim, stem and base of the cup; there is a brown speck embedded in the silicone; and one of the holes has been drilled twice).  Keeper loses half a point for being unappealing in it’s brown colour.

Score totals after Stems, Grip, Insertion, Cleaning, Holes & Visual Appeal

Aneer 9 | Bassrose 9 | Blossom 6.5 | ClariCup 7 | CupLee 7 | Diva .5 | EcoCup 5.5 | Femmecup (new) 2 | Femmycycle 8.5 | Fleurcup 11 | Gaia Cup 5.5 | iClean 7 | Juju 3

Keeper -2 | Ladycup 9 | Lena 10.5 | Lily Compact 5 | Lily Cup 8 | LunaCup 4 | Lunette 7 | Luv Ur Body 5.5 | MamiCup 6 | MeLuna 9 | MiaCup 4 | Mooncup UK 2

MPower -1 | OrganiCup 8.5 | RubyCup 2 | Skoon 10.5 | Si-bell 8 | Vcup 1.5 | Yuuki New 4.5

Accessories & Packaging

The packaging is also something that isn’t really important, but I’m mentioning it anyway.  The accessories are things like the pouch and anything else the cups come with.

  • Aneer/iClean – Some come with a satin pouch, some come in a chiffon pouch.  Some come without even instructions or pouches. Pretty cheap.
  • Bassrose – comes with a cotton pouch that has the rose logo printed on the strings.
  • Blossom Cup – Comes with a cotton pouch with the logo printed on.
  • Claricup – Came with a black plastic storage/steralising container, with the brand name on the side.  No pouch.
  • Cup Lee – comes with a (linen?) pouch
  • DivaMine came with nothing, as it was a sample, but I’ve seen the bags they normally come with – a pretty bag and pin. Very nice!
  • Eco-Cup – comes with a plain green pouch
  • FemmecupPlain bag like Mooncup, but thinner fabric and a bit cheaper looking. Ribbons are in keeping with the colour theme though, and the box/packaging is bright and colourful without being too cheesy. Nice.
  • Femmycycle – Comes with a pouch that is made from the same sort of synthetic fabric that reusable shopping bags are made from, which isn’t as attractive as other cup pouches.  But it does come with a CD that gives information on the cup and how to fold.
  • Fleurcup – I chose one without a bag, so it came just in a ziplock bag, which is pretty boring… but I do like the fact that you can chose to have it without the pouch and without wasteful packing.
  • Gaia Cup – Comes with a pretty printed interesting pouch with flat bottom with custom printed fabric!
  • Juju – By far the prettiest and most outstanding packaging!  Beautiful box that opens up like a flower, with satin pouches with lining.
  • Keeper Mine came with an interesting bag (black satin with lace trim), was pretty… but rather flimsy.  I’ve seen ones online that are better made, but I’ve also seen the keeper packaged in just a plastic bag looking very cheap.  They claim to be against wasteful packaging so that is why they don’t do fancy packaging – which I do respect!
  • Lady Cup – Colourful cotton bag with co-ordinated ribbon.  Quite nice (some say one of the most attractive bags for the cups)
  • Lena Cup – Comes with a spotty printed cotton bag, Box is 100% recycled and printed with vegetable ink (and feels nice)
  • Lily Compact – Came with a little storage case.  I love the concept of being able to fold it up and pack it away.  The cup was sealed in a plastic pouch.
  • Lily Cup – Came with a lycra pouch. The cup was sealed in a plastic pouch.
  • LunaCup – Like the Yuuki, this came in a tin, which makes a convenient storage place.  The bag was nothing fancy and the instructions were not in English.
  • Lunette The first pouches they had were very stiff, but the new ones they have are a nice soft satin.  Their product packaging is lovely – in a pretty box, which you might be able to reuse.
  • Luv Ur Body – The pouches aren’t fancy but made from a pretty floral cotton, with beads on the ends.  The plastic bag packaging they come in looks nice and professional.
  • Mami Cup – Comes with a plain coloured cotton pouch
  • MeLuna – My first one came without packaging, but with a blue suede-like pouch with printed silvery design, which is nice.  The Soft glitter cup I got came with a purple pouch (something soft suede/jersey like), which is very nice – with a nice double drawstring.
  • MiacupComes with a lined satin pouch with embroidered logo – very swanky indeed! In a box.  Packaging is probably overkill but looks impressive.
  • MooncupComes in probably the plainest cotton bag, but I do like the more natural look..makes it seem more environmentally friendly.
  • MPower – Came with a very stiff denim pouch that has only 1 ribbon drawstring, so it can’t stay closed – the worst of all the pouches I’ve seen.  The design on their box packaging was nice though.
  • OrganiCup – Came with a well made but very stiff/thick cotton pouch,  Natural brown box with no coloured printing (eco-friendly)
  • Ruby Cup – Unbleached cotton pouch with the logo on it.
  • Sckoon – The most “retail” type packaging, in a clear box, which would look good on a shop shelf and makes it seem special.  Their pouches are quite pretty and the ribbons have Sckoon on them.
  • Si-bell – one cup came with a cotton pouch that wasn’t very well sewn and a bit basic.  The other came with a silicone pouch that gathers dust and feels weird.  So both bad 😦
  • Yuuki (old)Mine came without a pouch, not sure if the regular ones you buy include a pouch, but it did come with a sturdy cardboard tube which you could use to store the cup in.
  • Yuuki (new) – Came sealed in plastic bags, with storage/cleaning plastic containers.  No pouches.
  • Vcup – Came with a few different goodies – cleaning cloths, hand sanitiser and soap strips as well as the pouch.

Juju gets 3 points for their amazing packaging.  It really does make it special to open.  Vcup gets 3 points for the extra accessories that other cups don’t provide.  Lena gets 3 points because their boxes are not only lovely but also eco friendly.

From what I’ve seen online, Diva gives a nice pouch and the pin is a nice touch (I’m not sure if they still give out a pin?) So it gets 2 points (though I reserve the right to bump them down in points if I find out they no longer give out the pin).  Miacup’s pouch is very well made and plush, so it gets 2 points too.  Ladycup gets 2 points because they have put effort into their pouches so that each coloured cup has a different pouch (usually with matching colour ribbon). Sckoon gets 2 points for the professionalism of the box and the printed ribbons on the pouches being a bit more special than others.  Claricup and Yuuki (new) get 2 points for the storage container.  Lily Compact gets 2 points for being packed nicely and coming with a storage container.  Gaia cup gets 2 points because their pouch is also quite fancy.

Lunette gets 1 point because they have the nice satin pouch and lovely boxes. MeLuna gets 1 point because their pouches are that bit extra fancy compared to other brands.  Keeper gets 1 point because I appreciate that they made the choice not to do fancy packaging for the environmental impact.  Lily Cup gets 1 point because of the nice packaging they have that includes having the cup in a plastic sealed pouch.  OrganiCup gets 1 point because their plain brown box is more eco-friendly than glossy coloured boxes.

I don’t know if Yuuki (old) came with a pouch or not (I didn’t get one), but I’ll give it and LunaCup 0.5 points because while they aren’t fancy packages or pouches, the tube packaging is useful to store the cup in.    Femmycycle gets 0.5 point for the inclusion of the CD.  Luv Ur Body can have 0.5 point because they have a printed bag with bead ends, which is a bit different to other cups.  Bassrose gets 0.5 point because they have the rose design on the ribbons.

MPower gets minus half a point because I don’t think the pouch is any good at all, since it’s so stiff and has only one drawstring, so it can’t actually be drawn closed. (honestly, I’m not trying to be mean, but they couldn’t make the cup or the pouch properly *sigh*).  Aneer and iClean also lose 0.5 point because they often come with no box packaging (often not even instructions if you buy them cheaply) and less appealing pouches (if you even get a pouch).

Score totals after Stems, Grip, Insertion, Cleaning, Holes, Visual Appeal & packaging

Aneer 9 | Bassrose 9.5 | Blossom 7.5 | ClariCup 9 | CupLee 7 | Diva 2.5 | EcoCup 5.5 | Femmecup (new) 2 | Femmycycle 9 | Fleurcup 11 | Gaia Cup 7.5 | iClean 7 | Juju 6

Keeper -1 | Ladycup 11 | Lena 13.5 | Lily Compact 7 | Lily Cup 9 | LunaCup 4.5 | Lunette 8 | Luv Ur Body 6 | MamiCup 6 | MeLuna 10 | MiaCup 6 | Mooncup UK 2

MPower -1.5 | OrganiCup 9.5 | RubyCup 2 | Skoon 12.5 | Si-bell 8 | Vcup 4.5 | Yuuki New 6.5



While most menstrual cups are similarly shaped and don’t offer much more than a slight change to the design.  A few of the cups offer something more innovative, so I’m giving points for that.

MeLuna gets 2 points because they were the first company to offer multiple stem types, multiple softness options, multiple colours and even glitter.

Lily Cup gets 2 points because of the addition of the anti-spill rim around the inside of the cup and a really nice feeling silicone and elegant shape.

Bassrose gets 2 points, because while there was a valve stem cup before them (Victoria Love), the Bassrose has a better valve system, and the valve stem design is fairly unique.

Lily Compact gets 3 points because it is a cup that can fold up and be stored in a compact form.

Femmycycle gets 3 points because of the flip out anti-spill lip

Ruby gets 2 points because they donate a cup to schoolgirls in Africa for every cup sold.

Luv Ur Body gets 1 point because it has a different shape to the others and has a raised flower design over the whole cup, with the option of that being coloured.

Blossom Cup loses 1 point because it appears to be the same design as multiple other cups on the market and may be a “rebranding”

Aneer & iClean lose .5 point because they appear to be designed like a Diva/Lunette hybrid


Score totals after Stems, Grip, Insertion, Cleaning, Holes, Visual Appeal, Packaging & Innovation

Aneer 8.5 | Bassrose 11.5 | Blossom 6.5 | ClariCup 9 | CupLee 7 | Diva 2.5 | EcoCup 5.5 | Femmecup (new) 2 | Femmycycle 12 | Fleurcup 11 | Gaia Cup 7.5 | iClean 6.5 | Juju 6

Keeper -1 | Ladycup 11 | Lena 13.5 | Lily Compact 10 | Lily Cup 11 | LunaCup 4.5 | Lunette 8 | Luv Ur Body 7 | MamiCup 6 | MeLuna 12 | MiaCup 6 | Mooncup UK 2

MPower -1.5 | OrganiCup 9.5 | RubyCup 4 | Skoon 12.5 | Si-bell 8 | Vcup 4.5 | Yuuki New 6.5

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