Menstrual Cups

My Comparisons and Ratings – Stems & Wearing

This is part of my comparison chart section for the menstrual cups I have tried.

See here for the chart & links to other rating sections


Even though you can cut the stem to the most comfortable length, I’ve tried these with the stems as they are when they are shipped to you.

Now, while you’re not supposed to use the stem for pulling the cup down, so theoretically no cup should need a stem – a lot of us find the cup sits up higher than we can reach, so need to use the stem to pull down the cup down so that we can reach up to the rim to break the seal for removal.  So I find I do need a stem on the cups for ease of use.

So these are my thoughts on stems:

  • Aneer/iClean – Tab stem I find is a very comfortable stem style
  • Bassrose – Long hollow stem with marble ball (valve to empty the stem with).  Because of the length and rounded end, it didn’t seem to poke and was actually comfortable.
  • Blossom Cup – Short thin stem with no grip.  I found it comfortable but difficult to use.
  • Claricup – Long thin stem, with grip rings.  Great amount of grip, not stretchy.  Couldn’t feel it. Most comfortable stem style
  • Cup Lee – Hollow tube, although the silicone is very soft, so this is one of the softest hollow tube stems.  Still slightly uncomfortable.
  • DivaSmall stem, but still a little uncomfortable
  • Eco-Cup – Hollow tube stem with spiral.  I find long hollow tube stems uncomfortable
  • FemmecupOriginal was as uncomfortable as Mooncup’s stem.  New stem is a smaller solid ‘stick’, and much more comfortable
  • Femmycycle – Large ring stems, I found I couldn’t feel them at all, and they provided a great amount of grip.
  • Fleurcup – Tab stem I find is a very comfortable stem style
  • Gaia Cup – Stem is very short and thin.  While it felt comfortable it was very difficult to grip.
  • Juju – “Stick” stem, comfortable but no grip lines mean it’s slippery and harder to use.
  • Keeper – Longest stem but slightly less uncomfortable than Mooncup’s stem… still uncomfortable though.
  • Lady Cup – Softer than the other tube stems, so not as uncomfortable, though I would trim small cup stem.
  • Lena Cup – Shorter tab stem I find is a very comfortable stem style, and this one being a little shorter and rounded is good.
  • Lily Compact – Hollow tube.  Smaller and softer than Lily Cup.  Good grip
  • Lily Cup – Hollow tube.  Stiffer than some other hollow tube stems, but also shorter.  Good grip
  • Luna Cup – Ball stem, I found harder to grip than tube/tab stems.
  • Lunette – Tab stem I find is a very comfortable stem style
  • Luv Ur Body – Leaf shaped tab stem.  Not as much grip as some tab stems, but had a good grip.  Comfortable design.
  • Mami Cup – Tab stem with great grip rings.  Comfortable and grippy.
  • MeLuna – Comes in 3 choices of stem! Though I prefer others.
  • Miacup – Tab stem I find is a very comfortable stem style
  • Mooncup – Most uncomfortable of all the stems, but once chopped halfway is about even with Diva’s stem.  Old style was a smooth stem with 2 rings up the top of the stem.  New style has grip rings running down the length of the stem.
  • MPower – A very comfortable stem style, however the silicone on the stem is literally falling off.
  • OrganiCup – Thin “stick” stem, with good grip lines.  Stem wasn’t too stretchy, so removal was easy.  Most comfortable.
  • Ruby Cup – Tube stem was flexible enough not to be too uncomfortable, but very narrow and hard to clean.
  • Sckoon Cup – “Stick” stem, comfortable, but slightly harder to use due to less grip and stretchyness.
  • Si-bell – Long thin stem, with grip rings.  Great amount of grip, not stretchy.  Couldn’t feel it. Most comfortable stem style
  • Yuuki – The version I have is the old style, with a solid stem. I found it more comfortable than the other tube stems (except Lady Cup) – However they have now changed to a tube stem, so I presume it would be as for the tube stems.
  • Vcup – Ball stem.  I find these are more comfortable than the hollow tube, but are harder to grip

The Claricup, Si-bell and OrganiCup get 2 points each for having thin stems with great grip, easy to clean and not being able to be felt.  Lena gets 2 points because they have a flat tab stem which has great grip, and the stem is rounded on the ends making it a bit more comfortable than the straight ended tab stems.  MeLuna gets 2 points for giving women the option of the different types of stem, and the innovation of a ball, ring or no stem!… even though I personally prefer to have a good stem to be able to hold. Femmycycle gets 2 points for having a great ring stem.  Bassrose gets 2 points for having a stem that feels comfortable and allows the cup to be emptied while the cup is being worn (even though I personally wouldn’t use that feature).

Tab stem cups each get a point for being the second best stem – flexible, easier to grip, can’t fill with gunk and flat for a much lower profile with less poking.   Lily Compact and Ladycup gets 0.5 point because the shortness of the cup meant I couldn’t feel the stem, despite it being a hollow tube, and it was just long enough to still be able to grip.

MPower would have received 1 point for having a tab stem, but will lose 2 points for the fact it’s defective (See the individual MPower listing here) – which is disgraceful.

Ruby loses 0.5 point because while the stem is quite soft and not too annoying to wear, it’s a very narrow hollow tube, which I found was harder to clean out if it got blood in it. Gaia Cup loses 0.5 point because while their stem is comfortable, I found it wasn’t long enough to grip properly, making it a little pointless.   Likewise for Blossom Cup, I found the stem comfortable but not grippable to easily use it.  Juju loses 1 point and Sckoon loses 0.5 point because their stems are slippery/stretchy and aren’t as useful for removal as other stems.


Score totals after Stems

Aneer 1 | Bassrose 2 | Blossom -.5 | ClariCup 2 | CupLee 0 | Diva 0 | EcoCup 0 | Femmecup 0 | Femmycycle 2 | Fleurcup 1 | Gaia Cup -.5 | iClean 1 | Juju -1

Keeper 0 | Ladycup .5 | Lena 2 | Lily Compact 0 | Lily Cup .5 | LunaCup 0 | Lunette 1 | Luv Ur Body 1 | MamiCup 1 | MeLuna 2 | MiaCup 1 | Mooncup UK 0

MPower -1 | OrganiCup 2 | RubyCup -0.5 | Skoon -0.5 | Si-bell 2 | Vcup 0 | Yuuki New 0

More detailed info on my stem ratings:
I would have to trim the hollow tube stems for comfort. I actually prefer the longer stem so I can use it to pull the cup down, so I don’t like the shorter Diva stem as much as I do the longer ones….. however the Mooncup stem was very uncomfortable unless cut in half. I also like the solid (tab) stems better as it can’t fill with gunk, and its more flexible/softer – and has ridges for gripping.

Ladycup stems are so soft the tube squishes flat when grasped, so I found it just as comfortable as the tab stem, and gave good grip.  Yuuki stem (old style) at first I could feel, but then as it settled further up and I got used to it, I stopped being able to feel it at all – it doesn’t seem to poke, perhaps because the end is rounded. Their newer hollow stem I can feel more though.  The Femmecup changed stem to being a thin “stick” style which is more comfortable to wear, but slightly more difficult to use.

Lily cup stems I could feel a bit when I first put them in.  Lily compact stems I couldn’t feel, probably because they are also a bit shorter cups.

MeLuna offers various options for stem, however I found the (original) ball stem to be too slippery to work properly (though very comfortable, couldn’t feel it). The (original) ring stem was great though, providing enough grip without being protrusive. I haven’t tried the newer ring stem that is more solid (might be a bit more uncomfortable?) The old “stick” stem I couldn’t feel at all, but didn’t offer much grip, the new “stick” stem was not uncomfortable, but I could feel it which was annoying (especially while walking). Until it had been in for an hour or so…and then it settled into a better position or I got used to it… but it offers a lot more grip.


Grip (base)

I’ve mentioned the stems and their grip properties, so here I’ll just focus the grip on the base of the cup – useful to know if you’re going to cut off the stems or to grasp the base of the cup for removal (like you’re meant to)

  • Aneer/iClean – Very slightly raised grip rings around base
  • Bassrose – not that you need to grip the base, since you can’t cut the stem off, but it has grip rings.
  • Blossom Cup – Slightly raised grip rings on the base, don’y provide much grip.
  • Claricup – No grip lines around the base, however the cup does have indented lines running up the sides which has a slight amount of grip.
  • Cup Lee – Raised rings for grip.  Pretty good grip.
  • Diva – Raised rings for grip.  Pretty good grip.
  • Eco-Cup – Very slight grip rings
  • Femmecup (old) -Raised spiral, not quite as much grip on the base of the cup, but good on the stem.
  • Femmecup (new) – Spiral less raised than old version, so a bit less grip, but cup is “stickier” which helps grip
  • Femmycycle – no grip lines
  • Fleurcup – Quite well raised broken rings for grip. Good grip
  • Gaia Cup – Raised rings for grip.  Good grip.
  • Juju – Pretty butterflies, but not raised enough, barely there, but cup is a little “sticky” which helps grip
  • Keeper – Nothing at all.
  • Lady Cup – Very slight bumps, barely anything, but cup is slightly “sticky” which helps grip.
  • Lena Cup – Raised grip rings, provide good grip
  • Lily Compact – No grip lines, but the fold up design means there is extra texture there.
  • Lily Cup – No grip lines.
  • Luna Cup – Pretty leaf design on 2 sides, would have more grip if pattern was raised higher and on all 4 sides.
  • Lunette – Raised rings on base, good grip
  • Luv Ur Body – Has raised flower designs.  Not as raised as other cups grip rings, but unique and provides a small amount of grip.
  • Mami Cup – good sized grip rings
  • MeLuna (Old) – Nothing at all.
  • MeLuna (new) – Very raised rings, good grip
  • Miacup – Raised rings, good grip
  • Mooncup – Raised rings, good grip
  • MPower – Very slightly raised rings,barely there.  Silicone that is rough from the mold actually provides more grip than the lines.
  • OrganiCup – Slightly raised ring around base
  • Ruby Cup – Low profile rings around base, could be raised more for better grip.
  • Sckoon Cup – Really clever use of using their name and a flower design with ring lines to make a very textured base of the cup.  Lines are high enough but are thin so they feel a little flimsy.  Good grip
  • Si-bell – No grip lines around the base, however the cup does have indented lines running up the sides which has a slight amount of grip.
  • Yuuki – Raised rings on base, could be raised more for better grip
  • Vcup – base of the cup is made from a slightly “stickier” silicone, one grip ring further up the base.


I’ll score Sckoon 3 points because they have a great practical and beautiful way of providing grip – the best of all the cups I’ve seen.

2 points for Fleurcup because it’s got the next highest/most grippy grip lines on the base

1 point each to the other cups with “good” grip..

0.5 point for OrganiCup and Eco-Cup as it has grip rings, but they aren’t as grippy as some other cups.

0 points for Luv Ur Body and Blossom – they have grip, but not raised enough to provide much grip, but better than not having anything.

1 point removed for MeLuna (Old), Lily Cup and Keeper for no grip on the base at all

0.5 points removed for Claricup, Si-bell, Juju, Lily Compact, LadyCup, Femmecup (new) and Vcup – who have something there, but barely enough to make a difference.  I’ll take only 0.5 off for Femmycycle since it is unlikely people would cut the stem off, so it doesn’t need grip, and it has a “sticky” silicone to help grip.


Score totals after Stems & Grip

Aneer 2 | Bassrose 3 | Blossom -.5 | ClariCup 1.5 | CupLee 1 | Diva 1 | EcoCup .5 | Femmecup (new) -.5 | Femmycycle 1.5 | Fleurcup 3 | Gaia Cup .5 | iClean 2 | Juju -1.5

Keeper -1 | Ladycup 0 | Lena 3 | Lily Compact -.5 | Lily Cup -.5 | LunaCup 0 | Lunette 2 | Luv Ur Body 1 | MamiCup 1 | MeLuna 3 | MiaCup 2 | Mooncup UK 1

MPower -1 | OrganiCup 2.5 | RubyCup -0.5 | Skoon 2.5 | Si-bell 1.5 | Vcup -.5 | Yuuki New 0


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