Menstrual Cups

Cup rankings based on personal choice

It’s getting really hard to rank the cups!  A lot of them are really great and it’s hard to pick which I would rank higher than others.

For me, the colour (and to a lesser extent the overall look) of the cups are a huge factor in how much I like a cup – like with clothing, cloth pads or anything really, when things look more attractive to us, we like them more.  I feel that using a cup or cloth pad you like the look of, can make you feel better about your period.

Second to that I go by the features I personally am most interested in, and that is a stem that gives me enough grip to use it to pull the cup down – while also not being able to be felt while being worn.  And a cup that opens up easily for me (basically not too soft).

Also I find that I prefer a cup with a moderate amount of stiffness, I find that in a stiffer cup like the Lunette, I can wear the large size cup without problem, but with softer cups I need to use the smaller size because the silicone doesn’t seem to have enough strength to open up properly for me.  Since my periods are light (I’m on the pill), the smaller capacity of the smaller cups doesn’t bother me, so it’s not really a major concern, but if I had the choice, I’d prefer a slightly stiffer cup to a soft one.

But, I am very easily swayed to anything purple 😛 and I realise that is not particularly helpful to people who aren’t as purply persuaded as me. (though my same purple bias could be the same as another colour bias for someone else).  So I have done 2 personal choice rankings.  One if I let things like colour influence my decision, and one based solely on the shape and design of the cup and disregarding the colour.

So I’ll do coloured rating first, scroll down for the ranking excluding colour (and detailed descriptions for why the cups are ranked where they are)

Personal Choice including Colour

I’m not going to lie, if it’s a good colour purple cup, it’s likely to score highly with me and I’ll be more willing to overlook flaws.  Since some of the cups I’m ranking are uncoloured, those positions don’t change, but the coloured cups I would rank differently based on colour.  So here’s my rankings of the cups I’ve tried, if I allow colour to influence me:

  1. Lunette
  2. LadyCup
  3. Mami Cup
  4. Claricup / Si-bell
  5. Lena Cup
  6. OrganiCup
  7. MeLuna
  8. Fleurcup
  9. Lily Compact
  10. Miacup
  11. Luv Ur Body (small)
  12. Lily Cup
  13. Sckoon/ Ruby Cup
  14. Femmecup
  15. Cup Lee
  16. Eco-Cup/Yuuki
  17. Gaia Cup
  18. Femmycycle
  19. Luna Cup
  20. Vcup
  21. Juju
  22. Mooncup UK
  23. Divacup
  24. Keeper
  25. Mpower


Choice #1 – Lunette
I’d been hoping for a purple Lunette for ages, but when they did bring out the Cynthia I was really disappointed to see it wasn’t “purple” and was actually more of a reddish colour.  Which was strange since the other colours they have brought out have been quite pretty.  They have since changed to something that is a proper purple (albeit not quite my favourite shade), so that is excellent!

Choice #2 – Ladycup
I do prefer the LadyCup’s range of colours, they have more colours and they are nice and vibrant.  They have released a few purples over the years and I really love the Lilac and Plum colours.  The only disadvantage with Ladycup is they change the colours every now and then, so if you like a colour, you might have to get it when you see it, or it may change later.  I do prefer the feel of the silicone of the Lunette, and I prefer the tab stem, so I’d rank Ladycup just under Lunette… but they are almost equal, because of the colours.

Choice #3 Mami Cup
I like the tab stem on this cup, and I found that the overall design feels good and the silicone feels nice. The colour of their purple is a little pale for my liking, but better than the Fleurcup. I think the smaller size might be a bit better fit for me than the large, just to help it open a little better – but I would be happy using the large. The only reason it wouldn’t top my list is the purple isn’t as nice as others, and the fact that the large size I tried takes a little longer to insert because I need to check if it’s opened properly (something the smaller size would probably fix)

Choice #4a – Claricup
The colour is unusual, and that may put some people off.  Since I personally am not a fan of pink or some of the other cup colours out there, and my preference for purples tends to be more on the blue end of purple than the red/pink end of purple – I do find this colour to be attractive enough, even though it’s not a colour I would ordinarily choose.  However, I do REALLY love the shape and most importantly the stem design of this cup.  I’d have to say it was the most comfortable and easiest to use of all the cups I’ve tried.  If it came in a really good purple, it would probably be my “Goldilocks” cup I think!

Choice #4b – Si-bell
The slightly softer silicone, and the lack of colour means I like the Si-bell slightly less than the ClariCup, since it is a little more difficult to open for me and I prefer a coloured cup.  Although I think the Si-bell is a little better made (the holes in the ClariCup weren’t punched through properly).  But I’d consider them basically equal.

Choice #5 – Lena Cup
The pink colour is nicer to me than some of the other pinks, but I’m not a fan of pink, so I would never buy a pink cup like this shade.  However, I do love the cup design itself, and I’d probably prefer a coloured cup of any colour to a clear one.  I love the tab stem and the smooth outside of the cup.  Great grip and comfortable.

Choice #6 – OrganiCup
The stem is a little shorter than the Si-bell/ClariCup, which is the only reason I would rate the OrganiCup a bit lower than them, as I found the longer stem a little easier to reach.  But otherwise it has the same great features of those cups.

Choice #7 – MeLuna
They also have an awesome purple 🙂  and I love the look of the Cyan…. and GLITTER!  While I don’t like the shape and feel of these cups as much as others, if you’re wanting a cup that looks pretty, then MeLuna definitely offers a lot of options for you.

Choice #8 – Fleurcup
While they do (or did, I think they are discontinued the colours?) offer a “purple” it’s really really pale and disappointing compared to the colours the other cups come in.  So the only reason this cup ranks here and not at the bottom of the coloured cups, is because I’m also thinking about the shape and design, and this is the shape and design I like best of all the cups I’ve tried, other than the stem of the Claricup. (if it was a “proper” purple, this cup would top the list for sure!).  Though their website doesn’t list any colours at all any more, so maybe they don’t do colours any more?  Which is a shame… Colour does influence me, so it’s hard to know whether I’d drop this down for lack of coloured options.

Choice #9 – Lily Compact
The design of this cup is amazing!  The silicone feels lovely and the cup shape I found to be comfortable.  I’m not terribly fond of pink, but I didn’t mind the darker pink colour.  The only reason this doesn’t rank higher is that I did find it a little short for me, and I would ideally like to use a higher capacity cup for regular use.  But this is definitely something I would recommend people have on hand for travel or to keep in a handbag for emergencies if they aren’t interested in using it as their regular cup.

Choice #10 – Miacup
They have changed the colour of their new cups slightly, which is apparently more “purple” than the “magenta” type of purple it was before, but to me (only seeing a video of it, side by side with the old version), it looks a bit brownish to me… so I’m not sure if I’d like the new one….  While Miacup (old and new) isn’t my preferred shade of purple, it’s the cup shape I like, and in the same colour range I like, so I’d rank it here.

Choice #11 – Luv Ur Body (small)
I think the flower designs on the cup are quite pretty, the cup itself I feel is good – not the best design, but definitely a good one.  I would rank the medium and large sizes lower because I feel the size/shape of them is not good for me, and I would be concerned they may not fit others well either.

Choice #12 – Sckoon
Sadly they don’t have a purple…. while their other colours are quite pretty, and also are quite vibrant, I like the Sckoon stems less than I like the stems of other cups, which is why this scores lower.

(other cups rankings are the same as below, so don’t need extra descriptions)

Personal Choice (Excluding Colour)

If I ignore the colour aspect and rank the cups I’ve tried based on physical features alone (cup shape, feel of the silicone, comfort, ease of cleaning etc.), this is the order of my preference.

  1. Lena Cup / Fleurcup / Lunette / Mami Cup
  2. Claricup / Si-bell / OrganiCup
  3. Lily Compact
  4. Miacup / Ladycup
  5. Luv Ur Body (small)
  6. Lily Cup
  7. MeLuna
  8. Skooncup / Ruby Cup
  9. Femmecup
  10. Cup Lee
  11. Eco-Cup / Yuuki
  12. Gaia Cup
  13. Femmycycle
  14. Luna Cup
  15. Vcup
  16. Juju
  17. Mooncup UK
  18. Divacup
  19. Keeper
  20. Mpower

Choice #1 – Tab stem cups – Lena Cup / Fleurcup / Lunette / Mami Cup
Easy grip tab stem without being uncomfortable.  Overall I find it difficult to say which I prefer to a tab stem or the thin grippy stems of Clari/Si-bell/Organi… I find them both very comfortable and easy to use.  I think the tab stem does have slightly better grip though. Lena has a lot of similar features to the Fleurcup, so it’s difficult to say which one I like better of the 2, but I think the Lena has a slightly prettier design, so I’d rank it first.  I do prefer the slightly softer design and silicone of the Fleurcup to the Lunette. Large Lunette is a bit easier to insert for me than the large Mami because of the stiffer silicone (and I don’t have a small Mami to test that), so I’d have to rank it last out of these 4 cups.

Choice #2 – Thin Long Stem cups –  ClariCup / Si-bell / OrganiCup
I really love the stems on these cup – thin and not able to be felt, but have enough grip to be able to pull the stem down without it being slippery like some of the other cups (Skoon/Juju).  Also with the lack of writing and ridges – it is overall a quite smooth and easy to clean cup, comfortable. I do slightly prefer the ClariCup because I prefer the blue colour to clear, and the slightly stiffer silicone I find easier to open up for me, and the OrganiCup stems are a little short for me to reach.

Choice #3 –Lily Compact
This cup has a great design feature, to be able to fold up to fit into a small little container.  The cups themselves are a bit smaller than regular cups, which may be a problem for some people, and they may not be as suitable for those with a high cervix.  But the silicone feels lovely, the stem design gives (to me at least) just enough grip without being too “pokey”.  I think overall it is a great design.  I admit that I wouldn’t use this as my regular-use cup, as I do prefer other designs – and I normally wouldn’t consider the need to have a cup kept especially for travel or keeping in your bag for emergencies, but the compact nature of this cup means it is something I would definitely recommend having for those uses.  Though you may also find it suitable to use as your regular cup too.

Choice #4 – Miacup / Lady Cup
This cup has a lot of positive features I love. (It’s purple) It has a tab stem, offers a money back guarantee, has fantastic customer relations and donates to charity. But it does have the more pronounced ridge that I prefer not to have on the cups, and I believe it is one of the most expensive cups, which drops it to #3.  Lady Cup is very easy to clean, easy to insert/remove and a stem that I found comfortable enough to wear untrimmed. However it does have a tube stem (which I don’t like as much as solid stems) – although it is by far the most comfortable of all the hollow tube stems I’ve tried.  I also found the softer silicone *ever so slightly* harder to get to open up, and it’s a bit less grippy for removal than other cups.

Choice #5 –Luv Ur Body (small)
I wouldn’t recommend the medium or large sizes, but I would recommend the small.  I found the flower designs pretty, the leaf stem was a good combination of grip and comfortable design.  The cup has low-profile rim design.

Choice #6 –Lily Cup
I do prefer the shape of the other cups better than this one, but the silicone feels wonderful and I do like the addition of the lip to help reduce spilling with removal.  It seems to be a very “elegant” and “modern” design of cup, and I find it quite appealing.

Choice #7 – MeLuna
I had rated the old-style versions of this cup much lower. I think with the new softer material I’d put it here. While I do like a tab stem, MeLuna offers different types of stem, and that is a huge positive, which I think earns this position, even though I personally didn’t like their new stick stem as much as other (tab) stem cups (it’s thicker and I could feel it). I haven’t tried the ball or ring stem in their new design however. I have found the outside nice and smooth, and the new material they use is as soft as the silicone cups, so a vast improvement on the very stiff cups they first offered. (Of course the colour options, including glittered, which I’m not ranking on, would increase it’s appeal greatly ;))

Choice #8a – Sckoon Cup
A nice shape and smooth silicone with no pronounced “ridge” to make insertion/removal uncomfortable.  The large size I had a few minor problems getting it to open up, but I do have that problem with some of the softer large cups – I think the small is a better size for me.  I find the stem comfortable, although a little less grippy (and more stretchy) than the tab or tube stems.  Nice large holes, cleaning is easy.

Choice #8b – Ruby Cup
I couldn’t decide which of the Sckoon or Ruby to rank higher, so I’ve ranked them the same 😛  Where the Sckoon has the slight issue of slippery/stretchy stem, the Ruby has the issue that I don’t like the hollow tube stems as much as stems that are thinner/more flexible.  But they each have their pros and cons.  Even if I was to ignore the stem, I’m not sure which of these I would rank higher than the other.  They are both quite good cups.  Sckoon has the advantage of colour and a pretty design, Ruby has the advantage of charity.

Choice #9 – Femmecup
With the newly designed Femmecup, I think I would rank it here. The solid stick stem I find to be a more appealing option than the hollow tube stems, and the new cup has a nicer feeling silicone than the old one. Still with the pretty spiral on the stem, the silicone of this cup is much nicer to that of something like the Mooncup UK, which is yellowish.  I do find the “stick” stems slightly more difficult to grip than the hollow tube stem of the LadyCup, and this has slightly less grip than the Sckooncup at the base, which is why I’ll rank it just below.  But I prefer a “stick” stem to a hollow tube.

Choice #10 – Cup Lee
The only thing I didn’t really like about this cup was the stem, since I don’t like hollow tube stems very much. So I would rank this cup higher than the hollow tube stemmed cups that are made from a stiffer silicone. If you are someone who cuts stems off and likes a soft cup, then this could be a good option for you.

Choice #11a – Eco-Cup
The only thing I didn’t really like about this cup was the hollow stem, which I found uncomfortable untrimmed. If it had been a tab stem I’d have ranked it much higher. If you need to cut stems off anyway, then you’d probably find it a good cup. There were also the issues of the airholes not being punched through properly, but that is a more minor issue.

Choice #11b – Yuuki
I did like the one I tested first, that had a solid stem, however they have replaced the solid stem with a hollow tube and have made the silicone firmer. Which in my opinion are both negative changes, which would lessen my recommendations of this brand.  There is nothing wrong with this cup, but other cups have features that I feel rank them higher than this cup.

Choice #12 – Gaia Cup
The main thing I didn’t like about this cup was the stem – I found it didn’t offer enough grip for me, even though it was comfortable. I also found it a little soft for me, and it is a shame they don’t come in a small size that is more equal to the smaller sizes of other brands. If you normally need to cut off stems though, then this cup may be suitable for you.

Choice #13 –Femmycycle
Not a cup I would ordinarily buy myself, as to me it looks a bit “weird”, and I would be more drawn to the standard look of the cups.  However after trying it, I did actually really like the concept and design.  I did find it was a little more awkward to insert due to the design (though I am sure that would become easier with more use), and it’s not as visually appealing as I find other cups – which is why I’ve ranked it lower.  It did however rank quite highly in my scoring system, which I think is very fair – since it has some great features.

Choice #14 – Luna Cup
The cup was a little long for me, so I could feel it, and I found the ball stem to be a bit more slippery to use than the other types of stem, so that is why I would rank this cup here.  For people who cut stems off and like balls stems, you’d probably rate it higher than me.  Other than the stem and length of the cup, I do like the smoothness of the outside of the cup, with no pokey ridges.

Choice #15 – Vcup
Like the Lunacup, I don’t like the ball stem, long bodied cups as much as the more bell shaped cups.  I slightly prefer the Lunacup shape/design to the Vcup.  But the Vcup does come with some very cool accessories!  It’s not that I didn’t like this cup, just that I liked others more.

Choice #16 – Juju
I really really wanted to love this cup, since it’s the only Australian one 😦  But I don’t like the stem.  I find it has almost no grip to it, so it was very slippery.  IMHO if you need to use toilet paper or something to clean off the stem (which they even recommend), then the stem isn’t well designed.  I personally think it needs grip lines.  Now while most cup companies do say not to pull the cup out by the stem (and you shouldn’t just yank the cup out without first breaking the seal, and pulling too hard on any stem can damage it)…..  Some people *DO* use the stems to help pull the cup down to an easier position to be able to reach it.  That’s one reason why stems normally have some sort of grip lines on them… I found the suction on the large cup too great to be able to pull it down to be able to reach up to the rim to break the suction.  The smaller size was better, but still harder to remove than every other cup I have tried.  For users who don’t rely on a stem though, then I think this would be a very good cup, since the rest of the cup I quite liked – nice and easy to fold, no bumpy ridges.

Choice #17 – Mooncup (UK)
The Mooncup is a bit less attractive because of the yellowed silicone. yes, I am that picky. I can’t help it 😛  I also found the stem to be more irritating than the other forms of stem. Based on the stem, I would choose other (softer stemmed) cups before this cup.  I also prefer the outside of the cup to have a flatter ridge, so I would generally pick a smoother cup than this style.

Choice #18 – Diva
The holes are why I rank this cup lower than the others… they annoyed me… *a lot*.. Plus it’s longer length poked me more despite the short stem, and I like the longer stems to grip. I have heard that they brought out a new design with less ridge and larger holes, but I have not tested this myself, so I am not sure.

Choice #19 – Keeper
The fact you can’t see the holes, it’s brown and in my opinion unattractive …and that it’s latex mean I’d choose most other cups before this. But, I would still chose it over a tampon (unless I had a latex allergy)… so it isn’t all bad, it’s just that compared to the others, it wouldn’t be high in my list of choices. The latex does have the advantage that is is the most natural of the cups however, which I’m sure will be important to some women. I would choose the silicone “Moon Cup USA” over the keeper if I had to choose between the two, because of the brown colour and latex issues.

Choice #20 – MPower
Going purely by the one example I have – I would not recommend this brand to anyone. AT ALL. It will always be the very last in the list to recommend. It’s better than a tampon, sure, but I would choose *all* the other cups before this brand. (and that’s not taking into account the fact that there are disputes about whether the MPower was copied off the Lunette cup). The MPower cup I have is of such poor quality that I do not hold much faith in the quality of the brand. It’s completely unacceptable quality, and I find it worrying that my one cup has so many faults (one or two you can pass off as being an inevitable flaw in manufacture, but not so many and of the type they are) – It was given to me by a reseller – from normal stock, that would have gone out to other customers. My MPower, straight from the box, had:

  • 2 splits coming down from the holes, one fairly deep – This could have been caused by the cup being squashed in transit, however all of my cups have been though transit and none of them have been affected (with the exception of the Keeper having a slight oval shape rather than round, I presumed from being squished in the mail)
  • 1 hole has been partway drilled through then the hole shifts over about 1mm and then continues through
  • A brown speck is embedded in the silicone
  • Rough silicone around the rim, end of stem and in the outside base of the cup – basically looking like overflow from the moulding process, and I have heard other cups are “sandblasted” – presumably to remove this sort of stuff
  • The ridges on the tab stem are not attached properly – most are able to be lifted up as if they were an elastic band placed around the stem and only stuck on at a few points. One ridge has already broken and is hanging on only by a small point of attachment on the side.

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