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My Comparisons and Ratings – Stems & Wearing

This is part of my comparison chart for the menstrual cups I have tried.
See here for the chart and links to the other individual sections explained.


Even though you can cut the stem to the most comfortable length, I’ve tried these with the stems as they are when they are shipped to you.

DivaSmall stem, but still a little uncomfortable
Original was as uncomfortable as Mooncup’s stem.  New stem is a smaller solid ‘stick’, and much more comfortable
Fleurcup – The most comfortable stem style
KeeperLongest stem but slightly less uncomfortable than Mooncup’s stem… still uncomfortable though.
Lady Cup
Softer than the other tube stems, so not as uncomfortable, though I would trim the longer stem on the small cup.
The most comfortable stem style
Comes in 3 choices of stem!
The most comfortable stem style
Most uncomfortable of all the stems, but once chopped halfway is about even with Diva’s stem..
MPower – The most comfortable stem style, however the silicone on the stem is literally falling off
YuukiThe version I have is like a filled tube. More comfortable than the other tube stems (except Lady Cup) – However they have now changed to a tube stem, so I presume it would be as for the tube stems.

I can wear the tab stem cups, and the original Yuuki and Lady Cup without the stem trimmed, and I would have to trim the others. I actually prefer the longer stem so I can use it to pull the cup down, so I don’t like the shorter Diva stem as much as I do the longer ones….. however the Mooncup stem was very uncomfortable unless cut in half. I also like the solid (tab) stems better as it can’t fill with gunk, and its more flexible/softer – and has ridges for gripping.  Ladycup stems are so soft the tube squishes flat when grasped, so I found it just as comfortable as the tab stem, but I find the tab stem feels more “solid”.  Yuuki stem at first I could feel, but then as it settled further up and I got used to it, I stopped being able to feel it at all – it doesn’t seem to poke, perhaps because the end is rounded and the tube stems have a flat end.

MeLuna offers various options for stem, however I found the (original) ball stem to be too slippery to work properly (though very comfortable, couldn’t feel it). The (original) ring stem was great though, providing enough grip without being protrusive. The new “stick” stem was not uncomfortable physically, but I could feel it which was annoying (especially while walking). Until it had been in for an hour or so…and then it settled into a better position or I got used to it.

So tab stems get a point for a better stem all round – more flexible, easier to grip, can’t fill with gunk and flat for a much lower profile with no poking.  MPower would receive 1 point for having a tab stem, but would lose 1 point for the fact it’s defective (See the individual MPower listing here) – which is disgraceful.  MeLuna gets 2 points for giving women the option of the different types of stem, and the inovation of a ball, ring or no stem!… even though I personally prefer to have a decent stem to be able to hold.



In actual wearing (once they are in) they all felt exactly the same…(except the stem poking issue)…. Though I had a little leakage (slight spotting) with the Diva, but it was the small size, and having a hole in it may have effected it (though the mooncup didn’t leak and the Diva hole was up high in the rim so I hadn’t worn it long enough to fill to there). I can wear my Lunette and let it fill past the rim, but I couldn’t try that with the Diva or Mooncup as they have holes punched into them…so I couldn’t test that obviously. I did get leakage with the large size Lady Cup when it was filled past the holes, but only slightly (and I occasionally get that with Lunette when it’s filled past the brim). I haven’t tested the other cups filling past the airholes.   The sample Keeper with half its side missing I didn’t bother trying during my period at all. So I won’t rate this for any of the cups, because some of the cups are samples with holes punched in, some are small and some are large, so I can’t accurately tell which performs better, and they all feel the same once they are in.

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So far the cups come in 2 styles. A flat “tab” style solid stem, and a hollow tube. The tab stem is more flexible than the hollow tube kind. The stems can all be shortened if they are too long, and some women completely remove them. They are there to make removal easier but are not required, some women do prefer to use the stem to pull the cup down to a point where they can reach more easily, so like to leave some stem intact, others use the base of the cup to grip and do not need or like a stem.

Diva - Shortest stem, hollow tube.
Femmecup – Hollow tube
Keeper - Longest stem, hollow tube
Lady Cup – Hollow tube
Lunette – Flat tab
Miacup – Flat tab
Mooncup (UK) – Hollow tube
Mooncup (USA) – Hollow tube

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