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New Femmecup pictures

My new Femmecup arrived yesterday – woo!

The bag is a white cotton, a little stiff (though still easy to close, so nowhere near as stiff as the denim MPower bag) .. it feels kinda starchy, so I think it will soften when washed for the first time (as fabric tends to do)

The cup is crystal clear, very flexible, and looks quite different to the old cup.  I like the new look!  And I like that they kept the spiral, which starts at the base of the cup and goes up the stem…

The stem…. is now different!  It’s a solid, thin tube…about 4mm wide, and a lot shorter than the previous tube stem.  Which IMHO will make it a lot more comfortable than the tube stems (I’m really not a fan of tube stems)

The airholes are quite large, so there should be no problem with cleaning.  Interestingly, there is no branding on the cup now.  The  old cup had the website in raised letters on the inside as well as measuring lines and amounts on the inside.  This has just the measuring lines (and amounts)

I love the feel of the new silicone.  The old silicone was a very “plastic” feeling one…  This one is completely different, and IMHO nicer.  The rim is stiffer than the bottom, as you’d expect, so it feels sturdy at the rim, but the base is really flexible (not in a bad way, just an observation).  I’d say overall its the most “squishy”/flexible of all the cups I have.  The original Femmecup was pretty soft/flexible/squishy anyway, but this is slightly moreso

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New improved Femmecup

I just got an e-mail from the Femmecup makers, and they are sending me their new Femmecup to look at and review!  So that’s exciting, but for now, from their press release….the changes they have made are:

  • Solid stem – not the hollow tube stem (So I imagine it’s like the Yukki stem, a filled in tube sort of thing)
  • Writing on the inside has been reduced for easier cleaning
  • Silicone is now clearer
  • Packaging now available in French, Spanish, Swedish, German, Romanian and Russian

The spiral on the stem is still there I see :)  All in all, it looks good, can’t wait to try it.

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Cup Size Comparison Charts

Sqishyness Rating

The “Squishyness” is how soft or hard a cup is – This tells you how easily it is able to be folded into the shape for insertion.  Rating is from 1-11, where 1 is very squishy and 11 is not very squishy.  This is ratings for the cups I have, listed in order of sqishyness to hardness.

Every time I go to re-rate these, it seems I give them different ratings.  So I don’t know if temperature and age affects the way the cups feel, or if I’m not rating them well…. I don’t know.  It’s also very hard to try and compare some cups, as there’s not much difference in some of them, so I’ve given half measures too.

Squishyness at rim

Fleurcup  (Large) 2
Lunacup (large) – 2
Skoon Cup (Large) 2.5
Diva Cup (Small) – 3
Lunacup (small) – 3
Ladycup (Large) – 4
Miacup (Large) – 4
Ruby Cup – 4
Juju (Large) – 4
MeLuna (new) (Large) – 4
Femmecup (new) – 4.5
Lunette (Large) – 5
Juju (Small) – 5.5
Lady Cup (Small) – 6
Skooncup (Small) – 6
Keeper (small) – 6
Femmecup  (old)  – 7
Yuuki (Old) – 7
Mooncup (UK) (Large) – 7.5
MPower (old) – 8
Mooncup UK (Small) – 9
MeLuna (Classic) (large) – 10
MeLuna (Classic) (large) – 11


Squishyness at base

Femmecup (new) – 1
Lady Cup (Large) – 1.5
Lady Cup (Small) – 1.5
Sckoon Cup (Large) –  2
Femmecup – old  – 2
Fleurcup (Large) – 2.5
Diva Cup (small) – 2.5
Miacup (Large) – 2.5
Skooncup (Small) – 2.5
Mooncup (UK) (small) – 2.5
Mooncup (UK) (large) – 2.5
MeLuna (new) (large) – 2.5
Ruby Cup – 3
Lunette (Large) – 3
Juju (Large) – 3
Yuuki (old) – 3
Keeper (small) – 3
Luna Cup (small) – 3
Luna Cup (large) – 3
Juju (Small) – 3.5
MPower (old) – 4
MeLuna (Classic) (large) – 6
MeLuna (Classic) (small) – 6

(Old sqishyness rating chart)


Old charts that need updating

(Click for a full size view)

I’ve also arranged the lists by different attributes.  Where I didn’t have enough data to properly rank a brand, I’ve put them at the bottom of the list.

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Cup Icons – Femmecup

They are 100×100 pixel icons suitable for blogs/forums or other such use. Feel free to use them.. To use them,right click the one you want and save it to your hard drive… then upload it to the forum/journal.

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Femmecup – My Thoughts

–  Note — this is based on the old Femmecup design.  They have redesigned the cup in a new silicone with a new stem

See the new cup

The cup itself seems virtually identical to the Mooncup (UK). The only difference I can see is the Mooncup has rings around the base and stem to grip with and the Femmecup has a spiral instead (which I do like). The Femmecup has a clearish white silicone, which is much more appealing than the yellowish Mooncup.

It feels thinner than the Moonkup (UK), and I was sent 2 samples, one of their newer versions which have larger holes and a slightly softer silicone… their silicone still feels slightly different to the others to me…. it’s almost like the silicone is more plasticky than the more rubbery feel of the other cups.. but I think it’s easier to get/keep folded than Lunette and Mooncup (UK)… and about the same as Diva. The stem seems to be thicker (it’s the hollow tube kind) than Mooncup (UK), so untrimmed it feels a bit pokey (like most of the other cups). The holes were tiny, probably the same size as the Diva, and as with the Diva, putting my palm over the cup and trying to squirt water out didn’t do anything…. but in the newer sample I have, the holes are larger.

Its got the website address in raised letters on the inside, and 2 measurements 15mls and 7.5mls inside. Flat bottomed but no size marking (since it comes in one size only – which appears to be the same as the small Mooncup). Nothing on the outside except the spiral and the thick ridges and the thicker ridge rim (like Mooncup).

Testing it out – I tried it once for a “dry run” and once with my period. I found no leaking, it opened up fine…. same slightly more uncomfortable insertion than Ladycup or Lunette because of the rim being more bumpy, but it’s only in comparison to flatter cups. I’d expected the holes to fill up with blood as they had done on the Diva, but they didn’t. I don’t know if that was just luck or something different with my blood that cycle, not sure, but I was happy about that, since cleaning was then easy. I did get some blood collecting around the writing on the inside, which I hadn’t noticed until next time I went to use it and saw the dried blood there… so I need to do more than my lazy rinsing methods that work for the Lunette.

Gear - The bag it comes in is like a lighter weight version of the Mooncup bag (unbleached cotton). I also got a stack of (very nice) flyers to hand out. Mine was sent in a padded envelope, with the cup in it’s bag, inside a plastic display type packaging with cardboard top (like you’d expect to have a hole punched in so it can hang in shops). With it’s instructions. My newer sample came with a (flat for postage) box in their pink and blue colour theme so that I had an example of that packaging.

Personal observations – One of the nicest of the cup companies I’ve dealt with. Not only did they send me a sample in the first place (without a hole punched in it!), but they also sent me an updated sample when they changed the cup slightly, and the new packaging, so that I would be updated with their product. All e-mails have been very friendly and personalised to me (not your standard automatic responses), I’m quite impressed with this company.


I’ve rated all the cups I’ve tried. They can be found here:

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Country of origin: UK
Lifespan: Claims will last up to 10 years
Composition: Medical Grade Silicone (Different than that used in breast implants)
Sizes: One Size (large size)
Dimensions: Approx 4.5cm wide, 6cm long including stem, 5cm long not including stem
Capacity: Official capacity 30ml to brim My test= 15mls to airholes
Stem: Solid tube/tab
Measuring Lines: Yes
Cost (RRP): GBP £16.99 [Currency Converter]
Guarantee: None?
Been around since: Late 2007?  (revamped 2011)
Other: The old style cup had a hollow tube stem, a whitish look silicone and was about 1cm longer overall

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