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My Comparisons and Ratings – Cleaning

This is part of my comparison chart for the menstrual cups I have tried.
See here for the chart and links to the other individual sections explained.

Inside (Cleaning)

This is looking at what markings are on the cups (and their potential to collect blood and make cleaning harder). None of the cups were “hard” to clean, but some were easier than others…. so points given to being easier than other cups.

Diva – has their name in fancy font and they have “made in canada”, plus the size in raised numbers on the flat inside base, and measuring lines in mls and oz.
Femmecup – measuring lines.
Fleurcup - has nothing at all inside
Keeper – has “The keeper made in USA” in raised capitals all around the inside of the rim (I hate the typeface.. looks large chunky and less professional) and the size raised in the flat inside bottom. 2 rings around the inside. Not sure if they are measuring lines or not.
Lady Cup – has nothing at all inside
Lunette - has nothing at all inside
MeLuna – has nothing at all inside
Miacup – has their logo on the inside rim, nothing marked on the flat base inside the cup.
Mooncup UK – has their website in larger letters, their sizing in raised letters on the flat inside bottom and raised dots beside the size (not sure why). It also has the lines on the inside, marked mls on one side and plain lines on the opposite side.
MPower – has nothing at all inside
Yuuki – Has their name and the number “1” in slightly indented letters on the inside, with raised measuring lines marking 5mls and 10mls.

I found none of the measuring lines collected any blood really… not as much as I’d thought it would. Though it did make it a fraction harder to clean inside (one lazy wipe cleans the smooth inside cups and I had to wipe a bit more carefully to clean the others) – but rinsing with water seemed to clean them with the same amount of ease.

I noticed once that there was dried blood in the writing that hadn’t washed off properly when I’d rinsed it after use (oops). So the potential for blood catchment in the writing/markings is there, so having no markings is better than having the chance to be harder to clean IMHO… so score one point for smooth(er) inside that is easier to clean, half a point to Yuuki & Femmecup because the markings are only very slight.


Outside (Cleaning)

This is looking at what markings, ridges and writing is on the outside of cups (and their potential to collect blood and make cleaning harder). I found the more pronounced ridge (where the cup has the “stepped” sides near the top rim) to be slightly more likely to catch blood than the smoother sides.

Diva – Pronounced ridge around the top, slightly harder to clean there. No markings except lines around base for grip.
Femmecup – Pronounced ridge around the top, no markings.
Fleurcup -very raised ridges around bottom of the base for grip. No markings or ridge
Keeper - Pronounced ridge around the top, slightly harder to clean there. No markings.
Lady Cup – No ridge around the top, no writing or markings.  Slightly raised bumps around base for grip
Lunette – Slight ridge around the top, shallow indented writing and raised lines for measuring (wasn’t hard to clean).
MeLuna – No ridge around the top, no writing or markings.
Miacup – Pronounced ridge around the top, no markings.
Mooncup UK – Pronounced ridge around the top, slightly harder to clean there.
MPower -Slight ridge at top, however the silicone on the raised grip ridges is present, which can catch blood.
Yuuki – No ridge around the top, no writing.

Even though the Lunette has the lines and writing on the outside, they are so minimal that they haven’t collected blood for me. So score 0.5 for Lunette (since it’s still easy to clean) and 1 point to the other cups who have smoother outsides that are slightly easier to clean.  Mpower would have received a point for having a smooth outside, but the silicone in the grip ridges along the bottom of the cup is not smooth, so can collect blood.

Cleaning the holes

Diva – Very small holes, angled down.  Took a lot of effort to clean.
Femmecup – Holes cleaned ok
Fleurcup - Holes cleaned easily
Keeper - Holes hard to see given the colour of the cup, so it’s uncertain if they clean well or not.
Lady Cup – Large holes, easy to clean
Lunette – Large holes, easy to clean
MeLuna – Holes cleaned easily
Miacup – Holes cleaned easily, large enough to see into despite opaque cup
Mooncup UK – Holes cleaned easily
MPower -Very large holes, easy to clean
Yuuki – Very small holes – angled up, cleaned easily

The holes of the Diva really bugged me, and I only tried it twice.  They would not rinse clean for me, I had to get a pin and poke them clean. I imagine I would take to it with a heated metal skewer to enlarge them if I bought one and had to use a pin each time…. I tried putting my hand over the cup and squirting water out through them (my usual method) , and it doesn’t work to clear them (where it does for the other cups)….The Yukki holes are not much bigger and also angled, but those cleaned fine.  I don’t know if it’s because of the direction they angle in.

With the Keeper’s brown colour, you can’t see if the holes are dirty though, which is a big turn off for me – given the amount of gunk I’ve seen in the silicone cups holes, if you don’t see it, you might not clean it well enough to remove it…. and not all of us disinfect or boil the cups between uses….Lady Cup and Mpower’s holes were the easiest to clean, being HUGE, they didn’t even need the palm squeeze trick to clean them, they came clean with a rinse under the tap. Miacup’s holes while also opaque like Keeper, are larger so I can see through them, so I’m happy with them.

So I’ll give a 1/2 point each to the cups with easy enough to clean holes, 1 point to easier to clean cups, and minus 0.5 to Diva for its incredibly difficult holes to clean and to Keeper for the fact that while they seem to come clean ok, you can’t see clearly if the holes need cleaning or not….

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Care & Cleaning

None should come into contact with oil/petroleum (including lubricants – use waterbased only), I believe the Keeper can’t be boiled as it is rubber but the others can. Vinegar should not be used on the keeper as it can effect the rubber (although website says it can). If you use soap or steralising solutions, make sure you rinse them well so none of that is going into your vagina!

Some women choose to clean with a fragrance free natural soap only, some prefer to boil for 10 minutes (make sure the pan has plenty of water and doesn’t boil dry or it will damage the cup), some soak in a solution of hydrogen peroxide. Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning the cup.

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