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Coloured Cups

I thought I’d do a post about coloured cups, as I know some women are really enticed by colours. There are some great coloured cups on the market – which shows the cup manufacturers are thinking about their customers needs for visual appeal too.

Cup Lee - Offers pink, green, blue and yellow


Fleurcup – Offers pink, purple, orange and black


IrisCup – Offers a translucent pink

LadyCup – Offers translucent Pink, Blue, Purple, Orange, Yellow and Green.  And limited editions “lotos” (pinky/orange), Turquoise, “Green Meadow” (grassy green)



Lunette - Offers translucent blue “Selene” and green “Diana” versions


MeLuna - offers red, orange, black, blue, green and purple. With the website mentioning glittered and gold and silver options as special editions.

Miacup – Offers an opaque (non-see through) purply-pink as their standard colour cup.


Shecup- Offers a translucent pink cup

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  1. I’m so happy to have come across your site, as it has fantastic information on the cups available. Thank you and well done! :)

    Comment by Jamie | December 29, 2008

  2. Hi, just wondering if you’ve seen the lastest sale from LadyCup? Might be handy if you wanted to see the different colours.

    Apparently these cups are from a recent defective batch which have been tearing after a few uses, but they might be good for models, if you are interested.

    Comment by Elizabby | February 2, 2009

  3. I love your site too, and I also have a wordpress about menstrual cups. We have the same color layout! haha. I recently got my Lunette sample pack, although they usually don’t give out samples, but they liked my review page… I don’t know if you have the Lunette Selene, but here is my review of all their products, if you are interested:

    Comment by menstrualcupinfo | March 14, 2009

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