Menstrual Cups

My Comparisons and Ratings

This needs updating as I’ve tried more cups since I wrote this (the ratings are still accurate though)

I’ve tried most of the cups, and these are my thoughts to compare them. I tried to be as neutral as possible in my opinions – referencing back to how I find they feel/look/work compared to each other to see which I felt performed better in each category. And this was done not being influenced by the companies themselves (eg I didn’t rate a product higher if I liked the company), just their products.

Cups that are not rated, are not rated because I do not have a cup of that brand in which to perform the testing/comparisons. The companies have been shown this site, and a request for a cup has been made, but I was either refused or my request ignored.

By Ratings
What I’ve done is give points for features I liked, and remove points for ones I did not like. If I had no feelings either way, I gave/took no points. Where I felt a feature was exceptional, I gave more than 1 point. Where I found something detrimental, I removed more than one point. See the chart in the link below.

The top scoring cups in my table are (in order):

This doesn’t necessarily mean they are the “best” cups… or that I would recommend them in that order. That total is based on adding up the positive attributes of the cups. However I probably would recommend these 5 cups over the others, as I feel their positive attributes make them worthy of more consideration than other brands.

See my detailed rundown in each section I’ve rated:

Stems & Wearing | Insertion & Removal | Cleaning | Visual Appeal

By Personal Preference
Everyone is different, and everyone has different needs and different preferences. So this is just based on what I would recommend to others based on what I personally would choose.

In a perfect world – my most ideal cup would be a Lunette or Fleurcup in the same purple silicone the LadyCup uses. I have always preferred the shape of the Lunette (and Fleurcup is perhaps just a fraction better because it’s more flexible and smoother on the outside), and I love that LadyCup purple. I love the Miacup colour purple too (and it’s flat tab stem. I would always pick a purple cup over other colours, and a purple cup would appeal to me more than a clear one. I admit I am swayed by colour!

Taking colour out of the equation, the next thing I look for is a tab stem. I have found these to be far more comfortable to wear (untrimmed) than the tube stems. My next choice over the tab stems would be Femmecup’s stem, which is a thin “stick” (solid).. and then LadyCup, as their stem was flexible enough not to be bothersome, even though it’s a hollow tube that I don’t especially like.

The other thing I look for is less ridges and markings on the cup – the smoother the cup, I find the nicer it feels. And the larger the air holes, the easier they are to clean. So cups with very small holes, I would avoid.

So… ignoring colours, and my personal feelings about the companies who produce the cups – My Rankings

Choice #1 – Fleurcup
Lunette has been my favourite cup from the beginning because of it’s shape and stem design. Fleurcup brings those same positive features but slightly improves them with a slightly softer silicone, a smoother outside (no ridge) and more pronounced grip lines on the base and stem. While I don’t think the grip is a point to sway me either way, I think it probably has enough slightly better features than Lunette. It also offers more colour options, putting it ahead of Lunette in that respect too. (However on a personal, and not included in this ranking, level – they refused to send me a cup to review, and their website is less professional than other companies – which would influence my decision on buying one).

Choice #2 – Lunette
As I said, Lunette has been my preferred cup due to it’s shape, until I tried the Fleurcup, which I have to admit, I do prefer a *tiny* bit more. However, Lunette still remains the cup I recommend to people (unless they want a specific colour that isn’t available with Lunette), because of other factors (eg I prefer them over Fleurcup as a company). Which I’m not including in the reasoning for my rankings, just the actual cup – which is why it ranks #2 here. Smooth outside, no annoying markings to make cleaning harder, and a tab stem. All the features I like in a cup.

Choice #3 – Miacup
This cup has a lot of positive features I love. (It’s purple) It has a tab stem, offers a money back guarantee, has fantastic customer relations and donates to charity. But it does have the more pronounced ridge that I prefer not to have on the cups, and I believe it is one of the most expensive cups, which drops it to #3.

Choice #4 – MeLuna
I had rated the old-style versions of this cup at about a #6. I think with the new softer silicone I’d put it here. While I do like a tab stem, MeLuna offers different types of stem, and that is a huge positive, which I think earns position #4, even though I personally prefer the Femmecup stem to the stems I’ve tried with MeLuna (older style ball and ring, and newer style stick). As I didn’t like their new stick stem as much (it’s thicker and I could feel it). I haven’t tried the ball or ring stem in their new design however. I have found the outside nice and smooth, and the new material they use is as soft as the silicone cups, so a vast improvement on the very stiff cups they first offered. (Of course the colour options, including glittered, which I’m not ranking on, would increase it’s appeal greatly ;))

Choice #4 – Femmecup
With the newly designed Femmecup, I think I would rank it here. The solid stick stem I find to be a more appealing option than the hollow tube stems, and the new cup has a nicer feeling silicone than the old one. Still with the pretty spiral on the stem, the silicone of this cup is much nicer to that of something like the Mooncup UK, which is yellowish.

Choice #5 – Lady Cup
Lady Cup is very easy to clean, easy to insert/remove and a stem that I found comfortable enough to wear untrimmed. However it does have a tube stem (which I don’t like as much as solid stems) – although it is bar far the most comfortable of all the tube stems.  I also found the softer silicone *ever so slightly* harder to get to open up. (However if I was considering colour, then the coloured cups would put Ladycup above a clear Femmecup…. and if we’re considering colour, the purple Ladycups are my preferred purples, so they rank very highly to be based on my love of purple :D)

Choice #6 – Yuuki
I did like the one I tested, however I have heard that they have replaced the solid stick stem with a hollow tube and have made the silicone firmer. Which in my opinion are both negative changes, which would lessen my recommendations of this brand. The new version may rank lower, but I have not tested it, so this is based on the one I have.  There is nothing wrong with this cup, but other cups have features that I feel rank them higher than this cup.

Choice #7 – Moon Cup (USA)
Although I didn’t try it, if it’s basically the same as the Keeper and Mooncup UK (eg the same shape/size), then I’d prefer it over the Diva and Mooncup UK (because I’d prefer clear to yellowish). The main problems I have with the Keeper are it’s colour, the fact it’s latex and the fact you can’t see the holes, which the silicone cup would solve. Since I’ve never seen one in person though, nor tried one, I don’t know if I can rate it any higher. And of course this is not including my personal feelings about the company (Their use of the “Mooncup” name) – as if it did, I would rank this lower.

Choice #8 – Mooncup (UK)
The Mooncup is marginally less attractive because of the yellowed silicone. yes, I am that picky. I can’t help it. I also found the stem to be more irritating than the other forms of stem. Based on the stem, I would choose other (softer stemmed) cups before this cup.  I also prefer the outside of the cup to have a flatter ridge.

Choice #9 – Diva
The holes are why I rank this cup lower than the others… they annoyed me… *a lot*.. Plus it’s longer length poked me more despite the short stem, and I like the longer stems to grip. I have heard that they brought out a new design with less ridge and larger holes, but I have not tested this myself, so I am not sure.

Choice #10 – Keeper
The fact you can’t see the holes, it’s brown and in my opinion unattractive …and that it’s latex mean I’d choose most other cups before this. But, I would still chose it over a tampon (unless I had a latex allergy)… so it isn’t all bad, it’s just that compared to the others, it wouldn’t be high in my list of choices. The latex does have the advantage that is is the most natural of the cups however, which I’m sure will be important to some women. I would choose the silicone “Moon Cup USA” over the keeper if I had to choose between the two, because of the brown colour and latex issues.

Choice #11 – MPower
Going purely by the one example I have – I would not recommend this brand to anyone. It will always be the very last in the list to recommend. It’s better than a tampon, sure, but I would choose *all* the other cups before this brand. (and that’s not taking into account the fact that there are disputes about whether the MPower was copied off the Lunette cup). The MPower cup I have is of such poor quality that I do not hold much faith in the quality of the brand. It’s completely unacceptable quality, and I find it worrying that my one cup has so many faults (one or two you can pass off as being an inevitable flaw in manufacture, but not so many and of the type they are) – It was given to me by a reseller – from normal stock, that would have gone out to other customers. My MPower, straight from the box, had:

  • 2 splits coming down from the holes, one fairly deep – This could have been caused by the cup being squashed in transit, however all of my cups have been though transit and none of them have been affected (with the exception of the Keeper having a slight oval shape rather than round, I presumed from being squished in the mail)
  • 1 hole has been partway drilled through then the hole shifts over about 1mm and then continues through
  • A brown speck is embedded in the silicone
  • Rough silicone around the rim, end of stem and in the outside base of the cup – basically looking like overflow from the moulding process, and I have heard other cups are “sandblasted” – presumably to remove this sort of stuff
  • The ridges on the tab stem are not attached properly – most are able to be lifted up as if they were an elastic band placed around the stem and only stuck on at a few points. One ridge has already broken and is hanging on only by a small point of attachment on the side.
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  1. Wow, thank you so much for the comparisons!

    Comment by Sveta | August 22, 2008

  2. WOW – I love the way you’ve designed this, very informative and helped me make my desicion.

    Comment by Mikana | September 4, 2008

  3. Wow, thank you for all the comparisons. Useful and informative. Just to let you know – there is one more cup I heard of – yuuki. Maybe you would like to test it too. If so, I would be interested in reading about your experience.

    Comment by Janina | September 29, 2008

  4. Thank you. This is very insightful. I actually have the diva and I think it may be too big so I am considering the small LadyCup. I was wondering if there was a reason you did not rate removal for the cups?

    Comment by A. Lovely | September 30, 2008

  5. Yuuki – never heard of it, and google is no help…. do you have any links?

    removal – I didn’t think of it to be honest… I don’t recall any cups being better or worse than others for removal… but then I just bring the cup down, tip it slightly to the side to pop one side out first… I don’t try folding it to remove.

    Comment by obsidian | October 6, 2008

  6. Web for Yuuki – yes, but their pages are only in Czech and I do not find them too appealing:

    But they seem guite friendly – I already asked them some questions…

    Comment by Janina | October 7, 2008

  7. (Beware, my website is all in French)
    Hi, thanks for the comparisons and above all, the details !!! Just something, I’m the happy owner of a lunette and a diva, both size 1 and I’m very happy of them both, I didn’t cut any stem, and they’re both very comfortable, and reliable. I don’t understand why you’re so severe with the diva, it’s very easy to fold and to remove, the only problem is the smallness of the holes and the difficulty to clean inside because of the written textes inside. But anyway, I’d like to try the miacup… But really 2 cups for me is widely enough :-)

    Comment by Laura | October 12, 2008

  8. Lady cup offers their blue cup already. It looks cool, don´t you think? Have you seen it “in real” yet?

    Comment by Janina | October 14, 2008

  9. Hi – just to let you know I received info from Ladycup and they have added orange, green, purple and yellow to their blue and pink – see PS How have you come to know so much about menstural cups?

    Comment by BT | November 4, 2008

  10. Thank you so incredibly much! I have the same “stem issues” as you and have the original keeper, which i have used very very rarely on and off for years due to the stem issues and difficult insertion. In light of the recent environmental movement and for personal reasons, I decided to go back to using a cup full-time, but needed to find a new brand. Your site has now sold me on ones I had never heard of before and I feel a lot more confident with all the research and testing done for me!!! THANKS!

    Comment by Aprile | November 30, 2008

  11. Thank you! I’m looking to buy a cup for myself, and now my 16 year old cousin. Her mom, believe it or not, won’t buy her pads for her, or tampons. Telling her to buy them herself (no job or ability to get to and from one!) So, I want to get her something she can use over and over. Thanks for the in-depth observations. :)

    Comment by Amy | January 3, 2009

  12. Thank you for this review page! You helped me GREATLY with choosing what I feel is the correct cup for me! I just ordered a small LadyCup PinkCup. I emailed the company “explained myself” and they suggested the small one for me. I am 30, no kids but I have a tipped uterus and do my kegel exercises daily (I also gave them my estimated width measurement). Normally using tampons is an annoyance, I feel them (not like a huge “thing” inside of me, but I notice them more than I feel I should) I cant change them anywhere but laying down on my bed (any other angle, sitting, standing, doesnt work right) so I figure if it’s this much of a project one time per day (on the pill, very light flow, used to be VERY heavy when I was younger/not on the pill) it will be worth the trouble to change it 2 times a day. Also because of the light flow I have, I can use it without worrying about “removing it dry”. Anyway… excellent review!! Ohh I almost bought a DivaCup… but the length of it (particularly what you said) swayed me against it even though I can easily get one at my local Whole Foods Market. I will prob report back one I get the PinkCup. Note…I figure I would add TMI to help other women choose :) These cups are a small investment, having maximum info is good.

    Comment by Liz | March 2, 2009

  13. I love my Keeper! It is the most “natural” of all material. Don’t like silicone as it is a mad made product. Also like that it has FDA approval. thanks to The Keeper Inc for starting this menstrual cup industry 25 years ago.

    Comment by Peggy | April 19, 2009

  14. Wow ! What an impressive web site ! I started researching menstrual cups after reading a Cosmopolitan article on the ‘Moon Cup’. I was fascinated as I had never heard of cups…. and the other mum I was having coffee with at the time was saying how disgusting they must be. But intrigued, I kept an open mind for the environmental and $$$$$ savings and started surfing for information. This web site is SO thorough ! Wow again. So much information, I love the product rating page – that really helped me and I have just bought a LadyCup (not PinkCup) off an Ebay store (. I nearly bought the Keeper until I read how poor their attitude & service is, and I tried locating a supplier of the MoonCup, DivaCup etc but it was all too hard & complicated. I’m now waiting on my LadyCup to arrive from overseas and I can’t wait to try it ! Thank you for this wonderful web site and all your dedicated effort !!!!!!

    Comment by Catherine | April 25, 2009

  15. Oops… submitted comment too early ! The Ebay store I purchased my Lady Cup from is:

    Comment by Catherine | April 25, 2009

  16. Yes, would love more info on removal. I have mooncup uk and it has such suction I just dread the time for removal. I am considering a smaller size to see if that helps.

    Comment by margaux | May 14, 2009

  17. wow! thanks so much for all your comparisons. i would so do this if i had the money too. great job

    Comment by autumn | June 28, 2009

  18. Could you please add MeLuna when you get the chance? I love anything German and I’m super interested! I wish I were lucky enough to get free samples!!
    Thanks a bunch, Love the site!

    Comment by Mindy | July 21, 2009

  19. Hi,

    Thanks to your site and cups comparison it was pretty easy to pick my first cup. Thank you so much! Without you I would buy Diva which would probably be a disaster (it’s way too long).

    Hence I don’t like ‘medical’ appearance of clear cups I chose Lunette Selene (small). Right now I’m using it for my first period. Inserting and removing isn’t that easy but gets better with practice.

    I have one concern/question though. Should the WHOLE cup be inside? Including the stem? I’m not able to do that… What’s more when I put it in first time (and I pushed it up as much as I could) it caused a bit of pain similar to ‘period pain’ in lower part of my belly. I was surprised because fortunately I experience it very rarely. Then, when I cut the stem a bit and it insert it again it seems to be ok. But still the stem is not completely in.

    Should I trim it more? Or should I try another brand? Lady Cup maybe?

    Comment by Maryla | July 28, 2009

  20. Thank you for the “in-depth” review! I really appreciate the step-by-step comparisons, though I had to go back and add the removal scores to the scores they had before appearance and accessories (as those aren’t important to me).

    I stumbled across the Mooncup in an article while I was pregnant, read about it and decided I wanted one, and was very disappointed to find out they could no longer ship to USA. Then forgot completely. Stumbled across “cups” mention again while looking up heavy menses after baby. Going through tampons like crazy is not fun!

    Thanks for comparing so many! (and not being afraid of TMI, cuz we needed all the “I” we could get!)

    Comment by Becky | January 8, 2010

  21. This is SO helpful. Thanks a ton for doing this.

    Comment by Heather | January 27, 2010

  22. Hi!

    Your website is soooo helpful. I was wondering if you have tested the mpower cup? I’m in South Africa and it seems that it is the most affordable option on this side. But I would like to go for the best one at the end of the day so value your opinion!

    I look forward to your response & thanks again for such an informative website

    Comment by Pascale d'Offay | February 10, 2010

  23. Obsi, you’re magnificent. And so is this page. So here I am after nearly 3 years (? can that be right? yes! yes it is! I really am that old!) once again in the market for a second cup, after loving my faithful little Lunette for so many cycles. And come to find out they come in COLORS now! I’m really thrilled. I was tempted by the Selene, but now I’m excited about getting a large LilacCup LadyCup (OF COURSE)…because you and I couldn’t agree more about this: “In a perfect world—my most ideal cup would be a translucent purple Lunette.”

    (So are you listening, Finland?! ;o)

    But honestly–I am mostly commenting to say that I sometimes wonder if you realize what an enormous, nearly single-handed service you have done the women of the world. I’m dead serious. I wouldn’t have found out about menstrual cups and cloth pads AT ALL, had it not been for your earlier versions of this and other similar sites. You’ve been an indefatigable advocate–you’re practical, funny, blunt, kind, clear with your advice and explanations, and generous to a fault with all the information you’ve laboriously, painstakingly gathered. I just–sometimes I just wonder if you actually know what a contribution you’ve made. You’re amazing.

    You’re amazing! And thank you for this. And for everything you’ve done and continue to do.

    Comment by unreliable narrator | February 27, 2010

  24. Hi, I wanted to post a follow-up… I posted a little more than a year ago.. I’m the #12 comment.
    I got the LadyCup but it was just too big and really painful (and this was the smaller one). I had it in correctly and it still hurt/was too big. I guess I’m doing my kegel exercises too much or I’m just oversensitive… it felt like it was just pulling me apart kind of like when you got to the ob/gyn and it “pinches” because the speculum is opening you more than usual… It also caused cramping and increased flow, from the tension it created inside of me. I am (now) 31 no kids, never pregnant. Has anyone else had pain from this? The same thing happened years ago when I tried the disposable cups (I forget the name).
    So as of now (and today specifically) I am still stuck wearing pads and the occasional “lite” size tampon. I was going through bookmarks and decided to post this. It’s too bad, the cup was so cute and eco-friendly!

    Comment by Liz | March 31, 2010

  25. Ohh stop it – you’ll inflate my head too much I’ll end up looking like one of those bobble headed dolls :)

    Sometimes I feel guilty for not doing enough – not updating enough, not promoting enough, but it’s nice to know the stuff I’ve done is appreciated – thank you :D

    and yes – come on Lunette – we need a purple Lunette! I’d buy one even though I have a perfectly useful clear one :P

    Comment by obsidian | April 17, 2010

  26. No, I haven’t tried that cup. I e-mailed them to ask for a sample so I could, but I didn’t get a reply.

    Comment by obsidian | April 17, 2010

  27. this is so amazingly helpful, thank you!!

    Comment by lena | May 21, 2010

  28. Wondered if using a small toothbrush would help cleaning the cups with lettering and such on the inside. Haven’t had to use anything for several years now, but if I ever need to again, I am definitely going to try one of these.

    Comment by jenlar3 | May 29, 2010

  29. Thanks for the great post! I recently switched from Diva (the only one available in stores where I am) to a Lunette.. well, the Lunette is in the mail. I’m excited!

    Comment by anardana | June 1, 2010

  30. Hi, I’m just trying to determine what brand I want to buy and this comparison and reading people’s comments on this page has been very useful.

    I reakon an added bonus (if you have time/desire) would be to put a quick reference matrix/grid/table on the page. So, for example, each brand would be listed in the first column, and on the across axis, each attribute (ie. comfort wearing/insertion/removal/stem; cleaning inside/outside; colour etc). and in each cell intersection, the grade you give. The last column would be the total grade for each brand.

    That way, a) it’s quick and easy to read, without having to read all the text (but you could reference that if you want to), and b) If you don’t care about colour (for example), you just subract that score from the total.


    Comment by Monique | July 21, 2010

  31. Great post! I had no idea there were so many brands out there, I had only heard of the Diva cup and the Mooncup.

    Thanks so much for your investigations and for putting up so much straightforward, honest information!

    Comment by thinkingcoral | August 23, 2010

  32. I have a diva cup now, I don’t really like it. When I got it, I had only ever heard of the diva and the keeper. Sometimes the diva slides down and I have to rush to the bathroom to catch it before it falls out. I even have the size recommended for after having given birth. Also the stem bothers me a lot, I always feel it poking and pinching me. When I replace it, I’m going to try one of the brands at the top of your list instead.

    Comment by Jenny | September 6, 2010

  33. Thank you so much for this professional comparison (info is absolutely comprehensive which I couldn’t find anywhere)! It really helped me to chose – you did a great job! Thanks again!

    Comment by Elena | December 22, 2010

  34. I bought a lady cup a year ago and love it. I not had a problem with it at all. It opens nice and easy to get out. I’m 31 and have 3 kids. I have a heavy flow so I do have to change it like I did with a tampon on my heavy days every 2 hrs. It doesn’t bother me at all. I had to find something different for my cycles because my body was rejecting tampons sounds weird but really. My body would just push the tampon out. Its gross but I would be walking and wow it just starts coming out. Tampon are so uncomfortable sucks me dry. For a whole year I had not have to by tampons or pads. Ya!

    Comment by April | March 3, 2011

  35. Thank you very much for posting this information. I have been looking for a tampon alternative for awhile now. I have had 3 children and tampons don’t stay where they should now. I tried the sea sponges, and while they stayed where they were supposed to they really irritated my vagina and must have changed my pH or something because I have had a bunch of yeast infections since. My main worry about cups is being able to use them during exercise. I like to do triathlons and they would need to be reliable during swimming, biking and running. Does you have any feedback from people regarding comfort and reliability during sports?

    Comment by Colette | April 2, 2011

  36. Colette — I am the opposite of sporty, but personally I would prefer a well-fitting cup to a tampon for activities.

    I’d only have two reservations: one, in any activity that involves inversions (head below hips) as in stretching or yoga, I don’t love the idea of basically emptying the cup into my body. (Some yoga schools tell you not to do inversions during your period anyway.)

    I’d solve this by either not using a cup for these activities, or emptying it right before I started. (You’d probably be fine for swimming, biking, and running.)

    My other reservation would be biking — it’s possible the pressure of the seat would either cause a stem to be uncomfortable, or the cup to shift around. I can’t say for certain, since I haven’t tried it. My understanding is that a properly placed bicycle seat should have your weight further back towards your rear end anyway.

    You could minimize the possibility of this by trimming the stem on your cup (up to cutting it entirely off), or buying one (in an appropriate size) with a shorter total length, shorter stem length, or a ball/ring/no stem to begin with.

    FYI: I generally have a bit of light spotting even with a cup. I think these are less leaks and more flow that was already beneath the cup when I inserted it. I could probably fix it by washing every time I inserted my cup, but I tend to use cloth pads or panty liners as backup.

    If you’re prone to yeast infections, you may find cloth pads help you to have fewer of them, used either as backup or for days your flow is so light you don’t want to use a cup. I switch back and forth between cloth pads and my cup, but I’d never consider switching back to tampons or disposable pads.

    Comment by bitsy | May 15, 2011

  37. Liz —

    Are you trying the cup on your heaviest flow day? You’re probably “loosest” then. “Dry runs” are almost certain to be uncomfortable. Have you tried using a water-based lubricant around the rim, or setting the cup lower or higher?

    Also, looking at this site’s squishiness ratings (here:, it looks like the small Ladycup is a 7 on the 1-10 scale of squishiness (10 being most firm) — you might do better with a softer cup.

    As for pads, I like cloth MUCH better than disposables. I like Matersum pads, Moonpads (both available on Etsy), and Party In My Pants.

    — bitsy

    Comment by bitsy | May 15, 2011

  38. Bitsy- I ended up getting the larger Fleurcup. Considering I ordered it from France and had it shipped to WA state it was amazingly affordable. I have used it for 2 cycles now and I am fairly well on my way to falling in love :) My complaints are that stem did irritate me, so I cut it completely off, the gripper knobby things also irritated me so I actually wear it inside out all the time. I only leak a little on the first day and night when my flow is pretty heavy. I did try it for yoga and I didn’t think to empty it. Uh, yeah EPIC FAIL. The seal popped while doing an inversion move and I had a blood waterfall. Yuck! Thankfully it was a yoga video at home so no big deal I just cleaned up and continued. I haven’t had a chance to test it running, biking or swimming, but I hope to soon. Not having a tab does make it a bit of an hunting exploration sometimes but fairly doable.

    Comment by colette | June 11, 2011

  39. Hmmm, I’ve never tried other brands, but I got a DivaCup at the suggestion of a friend, and I’ve loved it. The holes didn’t bother me – I’m actually not sure what bothered you about them. The length doesn’t poke me if I wear it properly, but of course everyone is different in this respect. I do have trouble grasping the stem, and I always remove it by reaching farther in and grabbing the body of the cup firmly between thumb and forefinger. It doesn’t really bother me, but it might bother some people, especially folks who have to use public restrooms frequently and don’t want to dirty their hands as much as you can at home. Removal can be a bit painful if I don’t relax, though I’d imagine that this could hold true for any cup.

    Comment by Clare | November 16, 2011

  40. I have a Mooncup UK, sized for post-childbirth, but the end stuck out and it leaked. I then discovered that I have an extremely low cervix during my period, so I tried the old-style Medium Meluna, since it was one of the shortest cups that seemed like it might still be wide enough for someone who has given birth. It is a little firmer and seems to seal better–sometimes. Most of the time it leaks worse than the Mooncup. I am really frustrated–can anyone help? Any suggestions of cups that might work better?

    Comment by Emily | December 21, 2011

  41. Just wondering, where would you put the Ju Ju on this list?

    Comment by Spiral | March 1, 2012

  42. Looks like I am the only person who has tried the Yuuki!! I will give you my thoughts:
    It is very comfortable, and at first the extra grip rings on the end scared me off a bit but it ended up not being feel-able at all. I didn’t even notice them. *keep in mind i DO have the new version* although i am not a huge fan of the stem. I find it VERY hard to get out, maybe because i am only 15 and haven’t grown fully, but I find that the suction is SO strong and it is hard to get a good hold on the hollow, VERY squishy tube. I’ve found myself in the bathroom for 20 minutes just trying to get it out. I think i want to try one with a ring stem or one with the tab stem so it’s a bit easier to get out. I find throwing some water down there helps get it out.

    Additionally, I think that although it comes from the Czech Republic, another thing that scared me off a bit, the silicone is approved by the ADA which is nice, and I thought that the manufacturing of it was very good, the brand name was printed on the inside of the cup so you could not see it at all.

    I like the Yuuki cup and menstrual cups in general because I wake up, empty/clean my menstrual cup, and then im set for the day, through the school day and through playing sports!! Which is SOO nice. I’ve only a couple times had to empty it during school, and i always just go to one of the bathrooms that no one really uses, so its basically like the bathroom at home. At first i had some leakage problems with the Yuuki, but I later discovered that it was because i was confused about how to put it in xD. i thought the stem was supposed to stick out of your vagina a bit… but when i trimmed it now it has incredible leakage-protection, with that said I am always sure to wear a panty liner.

    Well, I hope this helps anyone who was unsure about Yuuki. :D

    Comment by Danielle | April 22, 2012

  43. I was wondering if you could put the suction and if they leak on here because that’s the way i would decide to buy one. Also do you know if lunette has good suction? What’s the one with the best suction and that wont leak?

    Comment by Jess | August 2, 2012

  44. I’m afraid that things like leaking are going to be different for one person to the next. I’ve not leaked with any of the cups, so I can’t say for sure which are less likely to leak

    The cup I’ve found with the most suction was the large JuJu – I found that very difficult to remove because of the suction. For memory one of the old style medium/large MeLuna’s had a lot of suction, but I can’t say for sure.

    Comment by obsidian | August 3, 2012

  45. Thank you. Need to add to your amazing chart if they ship to US! I used the Diva cup years ago…now trying to find a cup for my young daughter. prob go with homemade pads for a couple years…

    Comment by Cynthia | October 7, 2012

  46. Thanks you so much for your website! I came across menstrual cups accidentally whilst surfing the net, and I was so intrigued that I had to give them a go. Being an Aussie I decided to try the JuJu cup. I was very disappointed after trying this cup out 3 times because it was really, really hard to remove – it took me about 20 minutes each time to get it out! I was so impressed with how comfortable it was though and the fact that I had no issues leaving it in for 12 hours that I decided to do some more research and perhaps try a different brand. That’s when I came across your website. Looking at your comparisons it seemed that the problem with the JuJu cup was too much suction and no grip on the base or stem, making it extremely difficult to remove. I took faith in your experiences and decided I would try the Fleurcup next – BEST DECISION I EVER MADE!!! The Fleurcup is unbelievably easier to remove (try about 2 minutes instead of 20!), and also extremely comfortable and again no problems leaving it in for 12 hours. I’ve also only used this cup for 2 cycles so I expect to get even quicker at it as I get more practice. Thank you so much – Fleurcup has changed my life and I owe it all to you!

    Comment by Alicia | November 5, 2012

  47. Thank you for your website!After looking at your website as well as the videos and comments of other women, I chose to purchase the small Fleurcup. I look forward to testing it out, and I will be sure to come back and let you know my experience with it. This is my first cup, so I hope it’s a good experience! My flow is heavy so i thought I might need the large one but I see that the large ones can bother sensitive bladders, and I have one of those.. since I am 27, with no kids… i thought i’d try the small one. Hopefully I made the right choice.

    Comment by Lin | December 7, 2012

  48. Fabulous web site, thank you so much! I am new to all this after a lifetime of wearing tampons and have found your comparisons very informative. I was going to get a Miacup but have changed my mind to a Fleurcup, in PURPLE of course :) Wish me luck.

    Comment by Inge Long | August 4, 2013

  49. Do you think the fleurcup is lower in quality?? Because the webside of lunette looks so much more trustworthy …
    the only problem is that the lunette is just too expensive for me, as it is 31 euros and the fleurcup is only 15 … do you think there are any differences in fabric and material??
    I don’t have any experience with menstrual cups and I don’t want to “insert some rubbish into my vagina”
    I’ve already spent about 3 hours just comparing menstrual cups ^^
    Happy about any respond!

    P.s.: so happy about having found your webside, it really helps a LOT! ;)

    Comment by Marie | November 4, 2013

  50. Will you try the femmycycle?

    Comment by Sarah | February 16, 2014

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