Menstrual Cups

Money back guarantee

Some of the cup manufacturers will give a refund on the purchase price if you return it within a certain time. Some will only offer an exchange for the other size, and some do not have any returns policy at all (which isn’t to say they won’t accept exchanges, but there is no official policy)

Divacup – Did have a 12 month money back guarantee, which has now been revoked, although some individual retailers are still accepting returns.
Femmecup – N/A
Keeper - 3 months
Lady Cup – Will exchange for different size
Lunette – N/A
Miacup – 6 months
Mooncup (UK) – N/A (did have 3 months, but appears to not be the case any more)
Mooncup (USA) – 3 months

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  1. Thank you so much for this whole site!!! I first heard about cups a couple days ago on a forum so I’m researching them and hoping to buy one soon. Your info has really helped. Thanks a lot!!!

    Comment by Sarah | May 17, 2010

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