Menstrual Cups

Diva Cup
Country of origin: Canada
Lifespan: Claims silicone will last indefinitely, but cannot make claim as to how long the product will last. They suggest replacement every few years, but is probably more to do with repeat sales than because the cups will wear out in this time.
Composition: Medical Grade Silicone (Different than that used in breast implants)
Sizes: Size 1 – Women under 30 who have not had a baby (Vaginal or C-Section deliveries). Size 2 – Women over 30 or women who have had a vaginal or C-Section delivery.
Dimensions: Size 1 = 4.1cm wide 5.7cm long (7cm including stem). Size 2 = 4.5cm wide, 5.7cm long.
Capacity: Size 1 = 20ml (to airholes), Size 2 = 25ml
Stem: Hollow tube
Measuring Lines: Yes (on inside) marks 7.5mls and 15mls and 1/4oz and 1/2oz
Cost (RRP): Approx. US$34.99 (Frequently about USD$20 in stores) [Currency Converter]
Guarantee: None (12 month guarantee has now been revoked, and is up to the resellers to grant or not)
Been around since: 2004
Other Details: Appears to have been “revamped” with the newer version having slightly larger holes and a less protruding (less ridged) rim area {see}

Purchase From: (Lots of stores sell them)
Happy Nursery
Google Search

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June 10, 2008 - Posted by | The Cups |


  1. Hey girls! Since today i’m a proud owner of a diva and i’m really happy with her. Exept i had to cut the stem, because it hurted a little bit. As beginner i had problems with the handle of the cup… big problems with getting it out again! But i’m 23 and i’ve chosen a size 2… i almost gave up and asked myself if that size was too big for me? But with patience it does work pretty well now, i’m suprised! i don’t feel anything, i just feel supported by my new cup… :)
    To all you girls, say goodbye to the tampon and hello to the menstrual cup.
    It needs a little patience to get success but afterwords it’s just a great, hygienic feeling you don’t want to miss. Travelling – swimming – making the sports you want without any fear…
    These points are just the reason why i wanted to have a menstrual cup!

    Comment by Sara | October 23, 2009

  2. I too have a Diva Cup (started with a 1, but I think it was too small) and bought a 2 about a year later. I absolutely love it. And this is before I went on green kick. All I ever buy now is liners (naturcare). Speaking of which, I need to do that…

    Comment by Mandy | March 13, 2011

  3. I found the Diva Cup to be too small for my body, so I went with the Moon Cup (USA) and it fit my body much better. I was having an issue with the rim on the Diva cup which was too small for me.

    Comment by stephaniegould (@StephanieGould) | February 16, 2013

  4. I started with a keeper B and loved it, but lost it somehow in my travels. Upon searching for a new one, I found & bought the diva cup 1, and loved it even more than the keeper! Boilable, grip lines, measure marks, and higher holes, oh my! It’s been several years and I can’t imagine going back to ‘pons/pads – ick! I never leak (unless I get lazy) and I haven’t bought/used/disposed of any other fem products in years!! Yay!

    Comment by maria | August 3, 2013

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